12 Noon, Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices

Present:M Boyette, E Brame, T Stewart, B Dixon, J Godfrey, L Daniels, K Brinson, S Henley, C McLamb, J Stallings

Absent: K Henthorn

Staff:D Bailey-Taylor, A Phillips

I.Call to Order – E Brame, Chairman

E Brame called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm and stated that a quorum was present. With no corrections, the agenda was adopted. Brame asked for a motion to accept the March minutes that were previously sent to the board.

B Dixon motioned to accept the March minutes as presented.M Boyette seconded.Motion passed unanimously.

II.Finances - March Financials - D Bailey-Taylor

Month-to-Date Revenue for March was $65,749.23. Month-to-Date Operations were $65,574.79. Net Income for the month was $174.44. Year-to-Date Revenues were $668,220.53. Year-to-Date Operations were $622,525.331. Year-to-Date net income was $45,695.22. The February revenues were $44,709.30. Smithfield’s February Revenues were $13,833.71. Selma’s February Revenues were $6,489.46. Kenly’s February Revenues were $1,778.45.Benson’s February Revenues were not reported in time for the meeting.D Bailey-Taylor noted two town revenues were not deposited on time, yet the overall revenues remain in the positive.D Bailey-Taylor stated that revenues were up compared to last year at this time. The Royal Inn of Selma will reopen in May as two properties, a Suburban Inn and Econo Lodge, now owned by Amit Patel of Kenly.

D Bailey-Taylor shared a copy of the budget revision request that will be presented to the County Commissioners at the next meeting, requesting a transfer of $25,000 from the fund balance to cover half the cost the countywide Parks & Recreation Master Plan study. It was noted that if revenues continued in the upward trend, there may not be a need to use these funds.

IV. Special Projects Committee – T Stewart

D Bailey-Taylor presented Special Event grant requests from the Town of Kenly for July 4th and Clayton Visual Arts for Millstock. Each event had been awarded grants in the past years.

The committee presented a Special Events Grant request from the Town of Selma for their upcoming July 4th in the amount of $500.

B Dixon motioned to approve each organization grants in the amount of $500.T Stewart seconded.Motion passed unanimously.

V. Marketing Committee – S Henley

E Brame stated that S Henley was nominated to the position of Chairman for the Marketing Committee. With no objections, Henley accepted the position.

D Bailey-Taylor shared that several of the new billboards are in place, completing the new look with bright colors and large exit numbers. Much of the work has been completed for the 301 Endless Yard Sale and Ham & Yam marketing, allowing E Dean time to work on the new JCVB website. E Bailey is continuing to work on the new Beer, Wine and Shine brochure. E Bailey will be attending the Washington Media Trip in April. The Division of Tourism has made arrangements for the restaurant hosting the reception to feature a cocktail using Broadslab moonshine and one of Jeremy’s recipes. D Bailey-Taylor stated that the committee was working on a Google Adwords Campaign worksheet. This exercise will help the Bureau know how to best use Google Adwords to reach niche markets. D Bailey-Taylor also stated that the trial for the Kiosk at CPO has been slower than hoped for and will be re-visited when Karen Henthorn returns to work.

VI. Sports Council Committee – J Godfrey

J Godfrey stated that the Sports Council was diligently working to get the countywide Parks & Recreation master plan study moving forward. The kick off meeting for the master plan will be May 21st from 11am-1pm here in this conference room, and any board members who wish to attend, please do. D Bailey-Taylor stated it would be a busy summer with more meetings and data collection. J Godfrey stated that the bike routes were in the final stage of mapping and that each town planning department would be visited to get town approvals for routes.

VII. Staff Report – D Bailey-Taylor

D Bailey-Taylor reported that the WRAL TV interview for the 301 Endless Yard Sale had generated over 5,000 hits to the website. For those that didn’t see the piece on WRAL, it’s posted on the 301 Endless Yard Sale website on the home page. The Bureau has been working on hotel rates for the Wine, Beer & Shine brochure, Scotty McCreery Giveaway package social campaign on, Bentonville 150th rooms for staff and 301 Endless Yard Sale hotel rates. Town of Benson is very happy with their new billboard design and two additional boards will be installed in the next two weeks. Two event listings are running on – Ham & Yam and 301 Endless Yard Sale. Survey Monkey was sent to town leaders for input on Wayfinding in Smithfield and a presentation from Frazier & Associates of Staunton Virginia will be made in the next 30 days. D Bailey-Taylor stated that April was NC Beer Month. Amanda is planning activities now for the National Tourism Week visits to the Welcome Centers.D Bailey-Taylor invited the board to come out to Howell Woodstock this weekend from 1-8pm, the weather should be perfect.Unique visitors to the bureau’s websites are up to about 25,000 and page views 56,000 with Ham and Yam promotion and 301 Yard Sale traffic.

VIII. Old Business - None.

IX. New Business - None.

Meeting adjourned at 12:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Boyette, Secretary/Treasurer