Noon, Wednesday August 1, 2012
Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices


Present: M Boyette, T Godwin, J Godfrey, B Dixon, C McLamb, H Stump, T Stewart, K Brinson, M Patel, K Henthorn
Absent: P Boucher
Staff: D Bailey-Taylor, A Phillips


I.          Call to Order – Chairman T Godwin
T Godwin called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm and stated that a quorum was present. With no corrections, the agenda was adopted.

II.        Chairman T Godwin
T Godwin asked for a motion to accept the June minutes that were previously sent to the Board.

B Dixon motioned to accept the June minutes as presented.  T Stewart seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

D Bailey-Taylor introduced Erin Bailey. E Bailey is the new Communications Assistant for the Johnston County Visitors Bureau. She will be assisting in publicity, design, brochures and websites content.

III.       Finances – Chairman T Godwin

June Financials

Month-to-Date Revenue for June was $63,322.85.  Month-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $20,804.51. Month-to-Date Operations were $61,025.13. Net Income for the month was $-18,506.79.  Year-to-Date Revenues were $876,384.17. Year-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $236,536.97. Year-to-Date Operations were $534,922.26. Year-to-Date net income was $104,924.94. The May revenues were $52,595.92. Smithfield’s May Revenues were $14,394.22. Selma’s May Revenues were $7,408.32. Kenly’s May Revenues were $2,699.18.  Benson’s May Revenues were $691.06.

July Financials

Month-to-Date Revenue for July was $88,261.47.  Month-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $20,770.60. Month-to-Date Operations were $45,705.62. Net Income for the month was $21,785.25.  Year-to-Date Revenues were $88,261.47. Year-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $20,770.60. Year-to-Date Operations were $45,705.62. Year-to-Date net income was $21,785.25. The June revenues were $53,470.16. Smithfield’s June Revenues were $13,427.85. Selma’s June Revenues were $7,949.18. Kenly’s June Revenues were $2,759.58.  Benson’s June Revenues were $873.46.  T Godwin stated that the bureau had a strong cash position.

IV. Chamber Ad Hoc Committee Report – B Dixon

B Dixon reported the committee met a couple of times and is recommending the board consider a trial run of weekend hours at the Visitor Center to run Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5pm for four months.  D Bailey-Taylor would coordinate this trial run with hiring and training a contract employee.  Other future recommendation to improve the Visitor Center were: rails on front steps, replace TV, open signage or banner, remove state information in visitor room and replace with Johnston County information.  J Godfrey suggested a computer to assist visitors in the room would be helpful.  M. Boyette shared the committee's documents on consumer trends as well as marketing opportunity for insider deals and personal service. New service will focus on "red carpet" treatment. T. Godwin appointed M. Boyette to form creative team to discuss project's development, timing and costs. B Dixon will meet with Rick Childrey to discuss funding of the project. The timing of the trial will be based on the board’s decision about funding.

V. Special Projects Committee – T Stewart

T Stewart presented the list of Special Events Grant requests. The board reviewed the requests and recommendations from the Special Projects Committee.

J Godfrey motioned to accept the recommendations for Special Events Grants as presented. .  M Patel seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

T Stewart presented a copy of the revised Capital Grants Guidelines. Discussion was had about who would be eligible for the grants and the total amount that an organization could receive. Based on the original guidelines, the maximum amount that any organization could receive is $50,000. The maximum amount that the Johnston County Visitors Bureau can spend per year is $25,000. This amount would be distributed to qualifying organizations based upon eligibility guidelines. Some updates to the guidelines were recommended by the board to clarifying details. Grant applications will go out immediately with a deadline of October 1st.

B Dixon motioned to accept the recommendations for the Capital Grants Program with updates to wording in the guidelines.  M Boyette seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.


VI. Marketing Committee – Reviewed by D Bailey-Taylor

Highlights from the June Marketing meeting:

  • New visitors guide is still in design. The Bureau is completing the inventory for the content with mailing to each listing. The cover will be “The Arts in Johnston County”.
  • Research options are still being sought as it pertains to the visitor study proposed by the staff.
  • Mr. Ellis is doing a great job with fulfilling distribution of brochures and putting out additional brochure racks around the county.
  • Next video shoot will be Saturday, August 4th with Patrick Brown as the on-screen talent.

VII.     Sports Council Committee – D Bailey-Taylor

The Sports Council Committee meetings have been changed to Tuesdays at lunch. This is due to the fact that many of the committee members have long weekend events making Monday morning difficult to attend meetings. The next meeting will be held August 21st.


VIII.    Staff Report – D Bailey-Taylor

  • D Bailey-Taylor presented a Resolution of Support for the naming I-95 in Smithfield for Dick Fleming. It has been suggested to name the section of I-95 between exits 95 and 97, in honor of Dick Fleming, who originally started the Carolina Pottery (the base for the outlet shopping center). The resolution is to support this recommendation, which was read to the board by Chairman T Godwin.

K. Brinson motioned to accept the recommendation as presented.  B Dixon seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.


  • D Bailey-Taylor presented a letter written to Bentonville Historical Association asking for funds in the amount of $1,500 to be sent to Bentonville Battlefield State Historic Site to help cover the cost of printing new brochures. There were no objections to sending the letter from the bureau.

Due to the length of the meeting, T Godwin asked board members to read over the staff report and if they had any questions please contact D Bailey-Taylor.

Summary of Visitor Inquiries and Distribution – July

Visitor inquiries: pieces of literature mailed: 1,670
Year to Date visitor inquiries:  1,670
Inquiry History by Brochure:                 Visitor Guide 1,654

Visitor Inquiry History by State: NC (143), NY (129), VA (100), PA (90), OH (74), FL (123), GA (62), TX (96), CA (60), NJ (77)

Visitor Inquiry for Advertising Source:  Civil War Traveler – 138
Southern Living Smithfield – 369
Oprah Magazine – 1,058

July Bulk Distribution:

JCVB Visitors Guide – 3,930
JCVB Agri-tourism Trail brochures – 425
JCVB Click Pens – 820
JCVB Plastic Bags – 248
JCVB Postcards– 400
JCVB Sunscreen - 720
JoCo Maps – 48
Chick Fil-A Coupon – 960
Golden Corral Coupon – 216
American Music Jubilee - 150
CPO Brochure – 720
Johnston County Ham Brochure - 100
Muscadine Wine Brochure – 1,645
SS Visitors Map – 4,775
Kenly Visitor Map - 500

New and Inactive IP Records in D3000


New Record /Opened: Hailey’s Country Kitchen


Google Analytics – report for July – 3,553 unique visitors, 9,511 page views – 5,798 unique visitors, 20,444 page views – 2,017 unique visitors, 6,038 page views – 281 unique visitors, 535 page views – 150 unique visitors, 184 page views – 824 unique visitors, 2,322 page views – 586 unique visitors, 1,628 page views - 983 unique visitors, 4,831 page views – 1,275 unique visitors, 4,543 page views – 291 unique visits, 749 page views


IX. Old Business



XI. New Business

The Board went into closed session to discuss personnel matters.

Meeting adjourned at 1:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Boyette, Secretary/Treasurer


Next Meeting
County Tourism Authority
Noon, September 5, 2012

Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices