7:00 PM, Monday, December 10, 2013

The Historic Wagner House


Present:M Boyette, Ernie Brame, B Dixon, J Godfrey, T Stewart, L Daniels

Absent: S Henley, K Henthorn, K Brinson, C McLamb, J Stallings

Staff:D Bailey-Taylor, A Phillips


I.Call to Order – E Brame, Chairman

E Brame called the meeting to order at 7:50 pm and stated that a quorum was present. With no corrections, the agenda was adopted. Brame asked for a motion to accept the November minutes that were previously sent to the Board.

B Dixon motioned to accept the November minutes as presented.M Boyette seconded.Motion passed unanimously.


November Financials

Month-to-Date Revenue for October was $70,786.20. Month-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $26,925.58. Month-to-Date Operations were $37,933.52. Net Income for the month was $5,927.10.Year-to-Date Revenues were $409,631.74. Year-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $127,600.69. Year-to-Date Operations were $198,925.20. Year-to-Date net income was $83,105.85. The October county revenues were $48,805.97 Smithfield’s October Revenues were $13,575.54. Selma’s October Revenues were $6,457.27. Kenly’s October Revenues were $1,879.89.Benson’s October Revenues were $515.57.

D Bailey-Taylor stated that revenues were up from this time last year. She also informed the board that the county had updated their financial software and that financial reports may be different next month, and to please bear with us as we learn the new software.

III. Special Projects Committee – T Stewart

Special Projects did not meet, but the bureau had received two requests for Special Event Grants from the Festival of Trees and Clayton Youth Theater. Both events have received grants in the past. D Bailey-Taylor asked for the pleasure of the board to motion to grant each applicant $500 per the Special Event Grants.

B Dixon motioned to accept the applications from Festival of Trees and Clayton Youth Theater in the amount of $500 each. T Stewart seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

IV. Marketing Committee – D Bailey-Taylor

The Visitors Guide will go to the printers this week. A Astoske will be attending AENC tradeshow in Raleigh this week. Additional information on marketing activities in the November minutes.

V. Sports Council Committee – J Godfrey

Godfrey stated that the minutes were self explanatory. Godfrey also stated that D Bailey-Taylor and A Astoske had been working hard to get bike routes approved in the county. D Bailey-Taylor stated NCDOT Bike Ped Division has suggested some improvements to the suggested bike routes, which will be presented at the January 15th meeting. D Bailey-Taylor stated that the bureau had received 15 sports resolution so far and that the RFQs had been mailed out December 5th.

VII. Staff Report – D Bailey-Taylor

J Godfrey asked when the kiosks would be ready to install at the CPO visitor center. D Bailey-Taylor stated that they were ready to install, just waiting for K Henthorn to return to work.M Boyette inquired about the meeting for the Smithfield Wayfinding Task Force, which will meet on Dec. 11 at 10am at the Lampe Meeting room.Full list of staff activities provided in the November Staff Report.

VIII. Old Business


IX. New Business


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Boyette, Secretary/Treasurer