Smithfield, NC (May 20, 2015) - The 301 Endless Yard Sale is back for the third year and this time there will be a national television show filming during the sale on June 19th. The show, aptly named Endless Yard Sale, which airs on the Great American County channel, is dedicated to bringing yard sale loving contestants to some of the nation's biggest and best yard sales. 

Here are the basics of the show. Three teams of shoppers have two days to experience the ultimate treasure hunt and take the cash they've been given to find unique and valuable pieces. Competitors will race to try and find the best bargains while the host surprises them with shopping challenges along the way. Each team's finds will then be appraised and that value is compared to how much money each team spent. The team with the largest profit at the end wins and will walk away with their treasures, cash, and prizes.

"How appropriate that the Endless Yard Sale show will be filmed here along our 301 Endless Yard Sale event, we are beyond excited to be chosen and wish all the contestants a ton of luck," stated event organizer and Johnston County CEO, Donna Bailey-Taylor, "Seeing who will find that high-valued treasure is certainly exhilarating and makes for great television."

The episode filming in North Carolina will take place during the 301 Endless Yard Sale - an event that stretches two days (June 19th and 20th) and over 100 miles along US Highway 301 from Roanoke Rapids, through Nash,  Wilson and Johnston Counties, down to Dunn, and goes through the antique-rich shopping district of Selma. Many sellers will be located along the route in well established visitor sites like Riverside Mill in Weldon, the Tobacco Farm Life Museum in Kenly, and antique shops in Selma. Organizers of the 301 Endless Yard Sale event expect more than 500 dealers, families, and non-profit groups to bring out their best treasures with more than 5,000 people shopping along the country roads of US 301 looking for that unique collectible and just enjoying the yard sale with friends and family.   

People are free to take pictures of the cast and crew, but producers have pointed out that onlookers should not get in the way or stop the contestants.  Endless Yard Sale is a game and the contestants are in a real-life competition.   Since the contestants will literally be racing to the finish line they won't be stopping for interviews, but they can't wait to meet the sellers and "wheel and deal" along the route.  

For up-to-date information visit the website,, and follow the event Facebook page,  The 301 Endless Yard Sale is organized and promoted by the Visitors Bureaus in Halifax, Nash, Wilson, Johnston Counties and Dunn Tourism to bring visitors to their prospective communities along US 301, and boost visitor spending in area hotels, restaurants and of course, host the largest yard sale in North Carolina.