Noon, Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices


Present: M Boyette, J Godfrey, B Dixon, T Stewart, Ernie Brame, K Brinson, P Boucher, K Henthorn

Absent: M Patel, C McLamb

Staff: D Bailey-Taylor, A Phillips

I.          Call to Order – B Dixon

B Dixon called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm. Dixon opened the floor for nomination for chairman.

T Stewart nominated Ernie Brame.  B Dixon seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

II.        Vice Chairman – B Dixon

B Dixon stated that a quorum was present. With no corrections, the agenda was adopted. Dixon asked for a motion to accept the January minutes that were previously sent to the Board.

M Boyette motioned to accept the January minutes as presented.  K Henthorn seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

III.       Finances – D Dixon

January Financials

Month-to-Date Revenue for January was $69,900.98. Month-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $24,577.95. Month-to-Date Operations were $39,104.10. Net Income for the month was $6,218.93.  Year-to-Date Revenues were $507,473.13. Year-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $169,940.96. Year-to-Date Operations were $306,275.27. Year-to-Date net income was $31,256.90. The December revenues were $40,470.39. Smithfield’s December Revenues were $11,702.23. Selma’s November Revenues were $5,786.47. Kenly’s November Revenues were $1,798.42.  Benson’s November Revenues were $573.22.

D Bailey-Taylor presented the board with a preview draft of the budget for 2013-14. The JCTA committees will review the budget expenditures and it will be presented to the board in April for approval.

IV. Special Projects Committee – T Stewart

No meeting.  T Stewart recommended the board consider a special events grant request for the Classic Antique Power and Tractor Show. The contact person for the event was not in our contacts for the special events grant due to the event partnering with the chamber in the past.

T Stewart motioned to grant $250 for the upcoming event.  M Boyette seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

V. Marketing Committee – P Boucher

P Boucher stated that the Benson website was complete and that work had begun on the Smithfield website. D Bailey-Taylor stated that the bureau planned to reprint the SS map in a format that would allow for ads to be placed on the map by local businesses. Due to a low stock of the current SS map, the bureau will do a short reprint of the current map and begin redesigning the map for the future.  The Benson billboard that currently has the “Don’t Be a Litter Bug” vinyl will be replaced with “Girlfriend Shopping” vinyl. The Wine Trail brochure is currently being updated to include two new vineyards. Mark Grady is shooting video from several arts and entertainment events to be included in upcoming arts video. D Bailey-Taylor stated that the Endless Yardsale will take place on June 14-15 of this year and will include Kenly, Selma, Smithfield, Four Oaks and Benson.

The Marketing Committee recommended that the board accept a proposal from Chris Cavanaugh to conduct a Marketing Audit of the bureau’s marketing and advertising campaigns. He would come in a do an internal and external audit of marketing pieces and do interviews with key contacts in the county. The process would take approximately eight weeks and cost $8,000 plus travel expenses. J Godfrey questioned where the money would come from for the audit. D Bailey-Taylor stated that money could be moved from other line items that would have excess for the year including printing and the video production. D Bailey-Taylor indicated Cavanaugh will present his findings at the Board’s April meeting as a mini-retreat.

P Boucher motioned to accept option A on the proposal in the amount of $8,000 plus travel expenses. M Boyette seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

VI. Sports Council Committee – J Godfrey

  • J Godfrey stated that the committee met on January 16th. Play Top Gun Sports Organization, which hosts baseball and softball tournaments in NC and SC, presented types of tournaments to the committee that could be hosted in Johnston County. D Bailey-Taylor indicated in meetings held afterwards that Smithfield and Clayton Parks and Recreation representatives stated that they did not want to book more ball tournaments than they already had booked. They might be interested in booking other type events of events like 5k runs.
  • A Astoske is working on establishing new bike routes in Google Maps. After edits to the bike routes have been completed, A Astoske will begin the steps for NCDOT signage.
  • Discussion was had about the need for the Sports Council, hotels and facilities to work together and put a bid structure together that brings more visitors into the county in the months that work for all parties.
  • The Johnston County Visitors Bureau and the Sports Council will be hosting the next NC Sports Association meeting on March 22, 2013.

VII. Staff Report – D Bailey-Taylor

  • K Henthorn and A Astoske worked with the ABA Motor coach Fam visit.
  • Wine Trail Brochure being updated to add two new vineyards (Boyette and Myrick). All About U Limo service from Raleigh will be working with wineries to provide package event to include the tour with a limo service.
  • Mr. Ellis who has been distributing brochures around the county has resigned due to health issues and  David Turlington has been hired to continue in his place.
  • D Bailey-Taylor attended the DMANC Board meeting in Winston Salem where a great presentation on using waterways for recreation and tourism was given.
  • 301 Endless Yard Sale meeting will be held on Feb. 21. This will become an annual event and the bureau will be building a website and hosting planning meetings here in our offices.
  • D Bailey-Taylor and J Godfrey will attend the NC Legislative dinner on Feb. 11 and D Bailey-Taylor and staff will have a table at the reception on the 12th.
  • I-95 Toll Road Focus Group will meet on Feb 20 in Fayetteville. The meeting will include three tourism and three economic development representatives from each county on the I-95 Corridor.
  • D Bailey-Taylor presented the urgent need to update, repair or replace the D3000 database. The recommendation is to replace D3000, which is eight years old, with FileMaker Pro. Questions were discussed as to what the database is used for and what the cost would be to update or replace and if the update was budgeted.

T Stewart motioned to proceed with replacing D3000 with FileMaker Pro by reallocating funds within the budget if possible and if not to transfer the funds from reserves, with cost to be $5,000 to $7,000. M Boyette seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

  • D Bailey-Taylor presented the board with details of local chamber membership fees and benefits. The board will consider at what level to join each of the chambers for the upcoming budget for 2013-14.

Summary of Visitor Inquiries and Distribution – January

Visitor inquiries: pieces of literature mailed: 1,592
Year to Date visitor inquiries:  20,132
Inquiry History by Brochure:  not available due to D3000 errors

New and Inactive IP Records in D3000

New Record /Opened: Cowboy Antiques – Selma
Victory Grill - Smithfield

Google Analytics – report for January – 2,712 unique visitors, 6,989 page views
– 3,770 unique visitors, 13,606 page views
– 1,066 unique visitors, 3,071 page views
– 1,072 unique visitors, 3,102 page views
– 1,084 unique visitors, 3,584 page views
– 623 unique visitors, 1,752 page views
- 900 unique visitors, 2,368 page views
– 995 unique visitors, 4,057 page views
– 315 unique visits, 836 page views
– 100 visits, 149 page views

VIII. Old Business


IX. New Business


Meeting adjourned at 1:28 pm.

Next Meeting
County Tourism Authority
12 Noon, March 6, 2013

Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices