Call James Durbin rock music's 2012 revivalist and ambassador, because that's what he is. Pop culture watchers will recognize the name and the tagline. Durbin was known for "bringing heavy metal to the 'American Idol' stage"

Durbin ultimately placed fourth on Season 10 of American Idol, going that far due to his unbridled emotion, his undeniable swagger, his powerhouse voice and his God-given talent, all of which meshed into a potent cocktail that allowed him be rock music's crusader.  He gives this time-honored sound a modern update, thanks to his youthful, impassioned flair.  The singer has a singular focus and a noble goal and that's to have you standing on your feet, pumping your first in the air and rocking out for every minute of his concert.  “I want people at my shows to be standing the whole time.  Durbin's arsenal is fully stocked with all the necessary tools to fulfill his mission of bring back the rock! He is now ready to step on his own stage and is ready for his fans to stand with him. For the entire show, of course!

Friday 15 March 2013
Event time: 7pm

Paul A. Johnston Auditorium
245 College Rd., Smithfield

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