Noon, Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices

Present: M Boyette, T Godwin, B Dixon, C McLamb, H Stump, J Godfrey, K Henthorn, M Patel, T Stewart

Absent: K Brinson, P Boucher

Staff: D Bailey-Taylor, A Phillips

I.          Call to Order – Vice-Chairman T Godwin

T Godwin called the meeting to order at 12:12 pm and stated that a quorum was present.  With no corrections, the agenda was adopted.

 II.        Vice-Chairman T Godwin

T Godwin asked for a motion or corrections to the December minutes that were previously sent to the Board.  J Godfrey asked that a name correction be made to the December minutes.

B Dixon motioned to accept the amended December minutes as presented.  T Stewart seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

III.       Finances – Vice-Chairman T Godwin

October Financials

Month-to-Date Revenue for December was $70,277.36.  Month-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $19,992.83. Month-to-Date Operations were $40,642.17. Net Income for the month was $9,642.36.  Year-to-Date Revenues were $449,566.02. Year-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $112,496.25. Year-to-Date Operations were $251,658.26. Year-to-Date net income was $85,411.51. The November revenues were $47,166.91. Smithfield’s November Revenues were $10,654.67. Selma’s November Revenues were $7,890.87. Kenly’s November Revenues were $1,706.75.  Benson’s November Revenues were $710.34. Godwin stated that the revenues were averaging $12,000 - $13,000 per month and that the cash position was still good. The money market was a little slower. B Dixon stated that the towns were showing a trend of rising revenues.

IV. Special Projects Committee – T Stewart

T Stewart stated there was no meeting for the month. DB Taylor stated that the committee would be meeting quarterly and they would be looking at the Special Events Grants, Sports Grants and Capital Grants.

V. Marketing Committee – P Boucher

There was not a December meeting due to the holidays.

VI.       Staff Report – D Bailey-Taylor

  • D Bailey-Taylor stated the bureau’s move was complete with the exception of the warehouse, which would take place in January.
  • DB Taylor stated that she had met with Bruce Naegelen and Jim Godfrey about the upcoming NC Main Street Conference (January 25-27) that would be held at The Clayton Center. The bureau will be providing gift bags for the event. The Bureau will be changing out a billboard vinyl on US 70 to welcome the Conference to Clayton as well as the bureau will help with registration in conjunction with the Clayton Chamber of Commerce. DBTaylor will be speaking on behalf of the county about the Civil War attractions and event marketing.
  • Coming up on February 16th, the TRAC program that the NC Division of Tourism holds will be open to visitor industry businesses. This will be set up like a trade show and the bureau will be inviting the community to come by from 10am-3pm for information and to meet with division staff.
  • DBTaylor stated that Johnston County will be hosting Destination Marketing Association of NC on April 12-13 in Smithfield.
  • DBTaylor stated that the question had been raised about campgrounds paying occupancy tax; however, per our 1987 Legislation they are not subject to occupancy tax which was confirmed with the NC Tourism Coalition.
  • Rick Hester and Jeff Carver have shared an email with the bureau from some local citizens interested in forming a “Friends of the Forest” group to help raise funds for support of Clemmons Forest.  Both Clemmons and Bentonville faced possible cuts in their 2012 budgets and most likely will continue to battle legislative budget cuts.
  • Taylor stated that the new Holiday Inn Express in Smithfield is expected to open for business on February 8th.
  • J Godfrey asked if all board members were receiving the Newslink from the N.C. Division of Tourism, Film & Sports Development. Taylor stated that she would resend the sign-up information for those who may not be getting the newsletter, as it is a great source of tourism news from around the state.

Summary of Visitor Inquiries and Distribution – December

Visitor inquiries: pieces of literature mailed: 600

Year to Date visitor inquiries:  25,901

Inquiry History by Brochure:                 Visitor Guide 593

Visitor History by State: IL (56), TX (51), PA (35), FL (35), NC (32), GA (25), MI (23), VA (22), NJ (22), OH (20)

Visitor Inquiry for Advertising Source:  Oprah Magazine – 430

 December Bulk Distribution:

JCVB Visitors Guide – 2,770

JCVB Agri-tourism Trail brochures – 100

CPO Brochures – 100

Wine Trail Brochures - 300

SS Visitors Maps 600

Benson Visitor Map – 300

Bentonville Battlefield - 100

New and Inactive IP Records in D3000


New Record /Opened: Holiday Inn Express Smithfield (opening Feb. 8th)

Google Analytics – report for December – 2,359 unique visitors, 5,599 page views – 2,007 unique visitors, 7,287 page views – 679 unique visitors, 2,140 page views – 276 unique visitors, 830 page views – 168 unique visitors, 238 page views – 342 unique visitors, 813 page views – 200 unique visitors, 793 page views - 291 unique visitors, 817 page views – 449 unique visitors, 1,733 page views – 95 unique visits, 268 page views

VII.     Around The County Reports

Four Oaks – Doing fine, working on keeping an identifiable place for the chamber in the downtown area, Christmas Coffee went well, spring festivals are on track

Kenly – Dale Moore is the new chamber chairman, Executive Director, Susan Phillips, doing a great job

Clayton – Business after hours will be January 10, Annual Chamber Event January 24th, Destination Marketing Association of NC on April 12th

VIII. Old Business

The board accepted the five County & Parks Recreation applicants for the Johnston County Sports Council. They are as follows: Jonathan Allen – Town of Clayton, Joe Carter – Town of Selma, Tim Johnson – Town of Smithfield, Tim Narron – Town of Kenly, and Matt Smith – Town of Benson. The board also accepted five At Large applicants. They are as follows: Rick Bartholomew – Princeton resident, Mickey Glenn Bridgers – Four Oaks resident, Philip W. Daniels – Willow Springs area, Charlie Metz – Clayton resident, and Ed Perfetto – McGee’s/Willow Springs area. The board expressed the importance of attendance for the Johnston County Sports Council as well as for the Johnston County Visitors Bureau Board. First Sports Council meeting will be held in February.

DBTaylor reminded the board of the need for everyone to sign up for Basecamp. The board can review meetings and reports at Basecamp.

DBTaylor stated that the Bureau would be holding an Open House in February. The date will be set after consulting with the area chambers so as not to have a conflict.

DBTaylor stated that John Mark Ivey’s 90 day contract was up and the board needed to decide about continuing the contract. Taylor stated that it would be helpful to continue for another 90 days before making a decision as that would line up with budget planning for 2013. The board decided by acclamation to continue John Mark Ivey and Johnny Ellis’ contracts for an additional 90 days, and for the board to review the positions again.

VIV. New Business

T Godwin recommended that the board check into the possibility of salary increases. It was mentioned that the board might need to do a compensation/realignment study that would be in line with the county. The board agreed that the Executive Committee should research and report back to the board by the next meeting. C McLamb indicated that the County HR Department was currently undergoing a similar study and that he had some resources with county government research on job positions on tourism.

Meeting adjourned at 1:05 pm.

Next Meeting

Johnston County Tourism Authority

Noon, February 1, 2012

Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Boyette, Secretary/Treasurer