12 Noon, January 4, 2017
Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices


Present:          L Daniels, R Childrey, R Capps, E Brame, K Brinson, M Zapp, K Henthorn, C McLamb, R Heilmann

Absent:           S Henley, R Andrews

Staff:              D Bailey-Taylor, A Phillips

I.     Call to Order – K Brinson, Chairperson

K Brinson called the meeting to order at 12:11 p.m. and stated that a quorum was present. With no corrections, the agenda was adopted. K Brinson also asked for any possible Conflict of Interest concerning the agenda. No conflicts of interest were heard.

K Brinson asked for a motion to accept the December minutes that were previously sent to the board.

E Brame motioned to accept the December minutes as presented. R Childrey seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

II.     Finances – December
Financials - D Bailey-Taylor

Month-to-Date Revenue for December was $118,158.69. Month-to-Date Operations were $79,865.57. Net Income for the month was $38,293.12. Year-to-Date Revenues were $629,908.81. Year-to-Date Operations were $483,367.38. Year-to-Date net income was $146,541.43. The November county revenues were $77,267.90. Smithfield’s November Revenues were $21,954.10. Selma’s November Revenues were $12,197.41. Kenly’s November Revenues were not reported. Benson’s November Revenues were $1,167.24. DBT stated that December revenues were up nearly 35% due to hurricane rooms.

Board members were given a copy of the 2016 Annual Financial Report. C McLamb stated that the audit report offered a clean opinion. R. Childrey noted the past Tourism Authority board list was used.  D Bailey-Taylor indicated it was used although the new list was provided.

K Brinson asked L Daniels to share with the board the request to discuss paying hotel occupancy tax with a credit card. Daniels shared information about the possible cost and the possible participation of hotels in the county. Daniels asked that the board consider asking the county to accept the usage of credit cards and that the bureau absorb the fees that would be involved. Discussion was had about the possibility and K Brinson asked that C McLamb and L Daniels seek more information and bring it back to the board.  

III.      Executive Committee – K Brinson

DB Taylor stated that she had met with the owner of the Venture Drive office site and that a proposed drawing had been given to the bureau. Taylor stated that we did not have an estimated lease amount yet. Brinson stated that as soon as the estimate was received it would be sent to the full board.

IV.     Special Projects – E Brame

The Special Projects committee did not meet in December. As chairman of the Special Projects committee, Brame asked the board if they would accept following grants that had been received: 8th Annual Art and Food Festival - $500 and 2017 USA Taekwondo NC Championships - $500.       

R Childrey motioned to accept the grant request for the 8th Annual Art and Food Festival and 2017 USA Taekwondo NC Championships as presented. R Capps seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

V.     Marketing Committee – Donna Bailey-Taylor

In the absence of R Andrews, DB Taylor shared the minutes from the previous marketing meeting. The committee participated in a presentation by the Simpleview team on the research from the JCVB Google analytics for the new website and the proposed wireframe for the new website. It was also noted that the committee had viewed a mock-up of the 2017 visitors guide and the 2015-16 annual report. Discussion was had about sending the annual report to all elected officials. Discussion was also had about presenting the annual report to the County Commissioners. DBT will make a request to present the report at the next commissioners meeting during the Public comment time. M Zapp asked DBT to attend the Town of Benson meeting on Tuesday, January 10th to present the annual report.

VI.     Sports Council Committee – DB Taylor

Will meet on January 18th at noon.

VII.     Staff Report - DB Taylor

D Bailey-Taylor stated that the staff was busy throughout December with mailings to AAA Offices, visiting media in Raleigh, tourism partners at VisitNC, and the Welcome centers delivering updates and networking. The new 2017 Visitors Guide has been sent to the printer, the 150th Anniversary Rack Card for the Town of Selma was designed and sent to the printer, and the Annual Report is completed and resented to the board. R Capps pointed out the articles he recently ran on the Ava Gardner Museum exhibit, and D Bailey-Taylor will have A Brame document the articles in Simpleview. M Zapp corrected for the staff that the Papa’s Pizza in Benson will be changing owners and is transitioning in the next couple of weeks, so it will remain open. D Bailey-Taylor announced a couple of sales/media missions taking place in January, and that several Chamber Annual Banquets are on the calendar, for which the bureau has tickets available through Chamber Champion sponsorships, so board members can attend by letting her know. Planning for the next Racing for Recruitment at GALOT is being worked on, and tentatively is scheduled for May 10th.

VIII.   Old Business


IX.     New Business

E Brame invited the board to host the March board meeting at Kenly 95 Petro. This would allow the board to explore the updated facility. 

Meeting adjourned at 12:53 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Daniels, Secretary/Treasurer