11:30 am, January 5, 2015
Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices

Present:          E Brame, J Godfrey, L Daniels, K Henthorn, S Lee, W Stancil
Absent:           C McLamb, S Henley, K Brinson, R Andrews,  J Stallings
Visitors:          Erik Edwards and Jessica Hussion - Fairfield Inn, Loretta Byrd - Benson Chamber
Staff:              D Bailey-Taylor, A Phillips

I.          Call to Order – E Brame, Chairman

E Brame called the meeting to order at 11:35 am and stated that a quorum was present. With no corrections, the agenda was adopted. It was noted that J Stallings has stepped down from the board due to new taking a new position outside the county.

Brame asked for a motion to accept the December minutes that were previously sent to the board.

K Henthorn motioned to accept the December minutes as presented.  W Stancil seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

II.        Finances - December Financials - D Bailey-Taylor

Month-to-Date Revenue for December was $80,153.19. Month-to-Date Operations were $96,981.00. Net Income for the month was -$16,827.81. Year-to-Date Revenues were $530,607.59. Year-to-Date Operations were $445,398.82. Year-to-Date net income was $85,208.77. The November county revenues were $53,343.52. Smithfield’s November Revenues were not reported. Selma’s November Revenues were $7,685.90. Kenly’s November Revenues were $1,934.09.  Benson’s November Revenues were $459.94.  The Town of Smithfield remains one month behind on revenues being deposited.

III.       Special Projects - D Bailey-Taylor

D Bailey-Taylor asked the board to review and consider approval two special event grants that had been received at the bureau. The grant requests were: Clayton Youth Theater and CMS Presents Motown - JCC. Taylor stated that the requests were with the guidelines and eligible for $500. Both have received grants in previous years.

L Daniels motioned to approve the request as presented.  J Godfrey seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

IV.       Human Resources

Meeting went to an executive meeting  at 11:45 am to discuss a new Director of Marketing position. Regular board meeting resumed at 12:20pm.

V.        Bylaws Change

D Bailey-Taylor reminded the board that the bylaws had been sent to the board for review. There needs to be additions of the Sports Council Committee and JoCo Hospitality as committees of the bureau. The board was encouraged to review and send suggested changes to DB Taylor as the board will need to vote on the bylaws at the February meeting. J Godfrey stated the possible need to change the title of Executive Director to President/CEO. E Brame stated that he would send an email to the full board asking them to review this idea and if so the bylaws would need to include the change.

VI.       Staff Report

D Bailey-Taylor stated that December had been a short month for her but the bureau continued to work on and complete projects. The new bike route brochure is ready to go to the printers, E Dean getting printing quotes now. Visitors guide inventory has begun and approximately 20 businesses/organizations have joined the new JoCo Hospitality Association. DB Taylor shared that Bentonville is on the cover of the 2015 NC Travel Guide and she thanked L Daniels for joining the staff for a photo for the bureau's news release.

Meeting adjourned at 12:30 pm for a luncheon meeting with the Johnston County Commissioners.  E Brame presented the 2014 Annual Report to the commissioners with accomplishments, project highlights, and the financial report. D Bailey-Taylor shared that the Sports Committee is close to completing the County-wide Parks and Recreation Master Plan to access the facility needs in the county. Sage Design will be here on January 21st to share their findings. The meeting will be at noon. D Bailey-Taylor invited the commissioners to attend the meeting to give input to the final report. She also stated that a public meeting will held on February 25th at JCC at 10 am. Sage Design will present the final report findings to the public.

Next Meeting
County Tourism Authority
Noon, February 4, 2015
Johnston County Regional Airport