Noon, Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices

Present: M Boyette, J Godfrey, T Stewart, Ernie Brame, K Brinson, M Patel, K Henthorn
C McLamb, B Dixon, P Bouche
Staff: D Bailey-Taylor, A Phillips

I.          Call to Order – E Brame, Chairman

E Brame called the meeting to order at 12:18 pm and stated that a quorum was present. With no corrections, the agenda was adopted. Brame asked for a motion to accept the February minutes that were previously sent to the Board.

M Boyette motioned to accept the February minutes as presented.  K Henthorn seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

II.        Chairman – E Brame

E Brame updated the board on the I-95 Toll issue and his meeting with Tony Tata, the new Secretary of Transportation.

III.       Finances – E Brame

January Financials

Month-to-Date Revenue for February was $51,570.39. Month-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $24,577.94. Month-to-Date Operations were $35,818.61. Net Income for the month was -$8,826.16.  Year-to-Date Revenues were $559,043.52. Year-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $194,518.90. Year-to-Date Operations were $342,093.88. Year-to-Date net income was $22,430.74. The January revenues were $39,719.60. Smithfield’s January Revenues were $11,736.63. Selma’s January Revenues were $6,264.86. Kenly’s January Revenues were $1,443.68.  Benson’s January Revenues were $575.05. D Bailey-Taylor stated that the net income was a negative due to the Town of Smithfield not getting their revenues in on time.  February revenues appear to be up for Smithfield and Kenly, with Selma and Benson remaining down. E Brame stated that he liked to have a solid funds balance but would like to see more money put back into the county marketing.

IV. Special Projects Committee – T Stewart

No meeting.

V. Marketing Committee – P Boucher

In absence of P Boucher, D Bailey-Taylor presented the minutes from the Marketing Committee meeting.

  • The committee had viewed and approved a sample mockup of the proposed Smithfield/Selma Visitor Map. This map would include an ad program that would be included on an additional fold out.
  • The Endless Yard Sale website is up and the event will be June 14-15. The committee will be meeting every third Thursday at 9 am until the date of the event.
  • E Bailey is working on the Muscadine Heritage Wine Trail brochure. The brochure will have an additional panel that can be torn off and kept by the wineries. Discussion is ongoing about the addition of two vineyards to the brochure.
  • Chris Cavanaugh will be touring the county two days during the week of March 11-15.
  • The bureau has met with a consultant about Filemaker Pro and is waiting on a proposal that would replace D3000 data base program.
  • The bureau will be reaching out to ABA and Travelsouth for possible bookings for summer dates.
  • D Bailey-Taylor met with Springhill Outfitters about their plans for a meeting facility, The Farm. The facility will have approximately 5,000 square feet in meeting space.
  • M Boyette stated that The Sleep Inn & Suites of Smithfield is offering a Golf Package with the Johnston County Country Club on their websites and will forward a link to the bureau to be placed on the county websites.

VI. Sports Council Committee – J Godfrey

No meeting. The Sports Council will be hosting the NC Sports Association at the upcoming meeting on March 22. The meeting will be held at the Visitors Bureau Administrative Office.

VII. Staff Report – D Bailey-Taylor

  • D Bailey-Taylor stated that the extra footage of Neuse Little Theatre and W.J. Barefoot Auditorium was completed for the county videos.
  • Chris Johnson has put together a committee to research, design and fabricate exhibits for The Hasting House with the funds he was awarded from the Capital Grant program. Exhibits should be completed by September.
  • D. Bailey-Taylor and A. Astoske have met with Barry Gray, Johnston County Planning Department, to take the county bike route project to the next step.  The county would adopt these routes into the county transportation plan then the CVB can approach the NCDOT Ped/Bike Division.
  • Bentonville Battlefield is preparing for the September Symposium and the CVB will assist with publicity and advertising of the event.
  • The ECU Visitor Profile Study is complete and a final report has been sent to participating partners.  An executive summary will be written and results will be available on the JCVB website for those partners interested in reading more details on the study.
  • The Triangle Film Commission has sent the bureau several leads recently for large tracks of land and hospital locations. DSDC and the Smithfield Marketing Committee are working with the Triangle Film Commission to complete the Certified Film Locations program.
  • NC Governor’s Conference will be March 11-13 and A Astoske, T Stewart and J Godfrey will be attending on behalf of the bureau and K. Henthorn will also be attending representing CPO.
  • D Bailey-Taylor will be attending DMAI Excellence in Visitors Center training in Washington, DC March 11-13.

Summary of Visitor Inquiries and Distribution – January

Visitor inquiries: pieces of literature mailed: 1,470

Year to Date visitor inquiries:  21,602
Inquiry History by Brochure:  not available due to D3000 errors

New and Inactive IP Records in D3000

New Record /Opened: Patty Cake Bakery, Clayton

Country Boy Antiques and Bottle Shop, Selma

Google Analytics – report for February – 3,305 unique visitors, 7,622 page views
– 4,229 unique visitors, 14,453 page views
– 1,300 unique visitors, 3,655 page views
– 1,147 unique visitors, 3,650 page views
– 940 unique visitors, 2,264 page views
– 686 unique visitors, 1,736 page views
- 852 unique visitors, 2,668 page views
– 1,030 unique visitors, 4,140 page views
– 329 unique visits, 824 page views
– 98 visits, 114 page views

VIII. Old Business


IX. New Business

  • Dick Fleming, I-95 Dedication will take place on March 22 at 10am at the Johnston Community College Grand Hall.
  • D Bailey-Taylor would like to apply for the NC State Employees’ Credit Union Public Service Internship Program for the summer.
  • M Boyette state that the bureau was doing a great job with TripAdvisor, but thought we needed more photos. Taylor stated that photos were put in but deleted by TripAdvisor staff.
  • April 3rd meeting will be a retreat meeting with Chris Cavanaugh as the guest speaker/facilitator. The event will be from 9am to 1 pm in the conference room at the Visitors Bureau Administrative Office.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Boyette, Secretary/Treasurer

Next Meeting
County Tourism Authority
9 AM, April 3, 2013

Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices