Noon, Wednesday, May 2, 2012
Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices

Present: M Boyette, T Godwin, K Brinson, P Boucher, J Godfrey, K Henthorn, M Patel, B Dixon, C McLamb, H Stump, T Stewart

Staff: D Bailey-Taylor, A Phillips

I.          Call to Order – Vice-Chairman T Godwin

T Godwin called the meeting to order at 12:13 pm and stated that a quorum was present. With no corrections, the agenda was adopted.

II.        Vice-Chairman T Godwin

T Godwin asked for a motion to accept the April minutes that were previously sent to the Board.

B Dixon motioned to accept the April minutes as presented.  P Boucher seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

III.       Finances – Vice-Chairman T Godwin

March Financials

Month-to-Date Revenue for April was $86,017.72.  Month-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $20,810.38. Month-to-Date Operations were $46,348.34. Net Income for the month was $19,425.02.  Year-to-Date Revenues were $728,678.01. Year-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $194,922.07. Year-to-Date Operations were $426,214.31. Year-to-Date net income was $107,541.63. The March revenues were $58,134.99. Smithfield’s March Revenues were $16,425.46. Selma’s March Revenues were $8,590.56. Kenly’s March Revenues were $2,657.94.  Benson’s March Revenues were $858.00. D Bailey-Taylor stated that revenues were up for the month with the new Holiday Inn Express in Smithfield contributing this month. M Boyette stated that there was an influx of Canadian visitors due to return trips back home.

A budget adjustment for Kenly was discussed based on a meeting of the Kenly Marketing Committee. The committee stated a need for updating and repairing a billboard that is owned by the Kenly Chamber of Commerce. The cost will be approximately $5,000.

M Boyette motioned to make the budget adjustment and to transfer $5,000 from the Kenly reserves to cover the adjustment.  B Dixon seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

C McLamb stated that due to changes in the NC legislation as how visitor bureaus are viewed, the bureau would be required to have a separate audit each year and would no longer be classified under the county audit. The audit cost will be $1,500 yearly. Discussion was had about funds being available to pay for the 2011-12 audit under the current budget and the need to budget for each year in the future.

P Boucher motioned to make a budget adjustment for the 2012-13 budget by creating a line item in the budget that has already been approved and submitted by the board.  B Dixon seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

IV. Special Projects Committee – T Stewart

No meeting held in April.

V. Marketing Committee – P Boucher

Highlights from the April Marketing meeting:

  • John Strickland with the Me Fine Foundation shared information about the upcoming Timberjack Challenge to be held June 2 in Selma.
  • Kenly billboard campaign – vinyl to be replaced on four boards with new campaign.
  • Changing the Recreation board near Benson to a Wine Trail Broad.
  • Discussion about leisure travel packages: Girlfriend Shopping Deal and the new $5 $5 $5 campaign. Possible campaign to promote the Performing Arts Series at The Clayton Center and a couples or romantic weekend for wives to shop and husbands to golf.
  • The possibility of using Geo-demography to show what a consumer likes based on where they live. D Bailey-Taylor has been in touch with Northstar Research Company. They would use addresses and zip codes from visitors to tract consumer behaviors based on 69 benchmarks.  This would help target who JCVB would market to in the future.  D Bailey-Taylor indicated she is expecting a proposal shortly, and the cost will be $6,500 for the study.  All participates in the study would receive the results, and H. Stump requested to see a sample report before making a decision.
  • Primal Mud Run was a success with over 1,500 people attending.
  • National Tourism week will take place May 6-11 with visits to both Welcome Centers.
  • Sales Rep from Room Saver will be meeting with the I-40 hotels to discuss options.
  • Video shoot has been rescheduled for May 9th or 10th.

VI.       Staff Report – D Bailey-Taylor

  • Muscadine Heritage Wine Trail will be at the Ham & Yam Festival and they are looking to be at other festivals and concerts around the county. K Henthorn stated that the Southern Women’s Show generated a lot of interest in the wine trail. The group is organizing their first wine festival which is scheduled for June 8, 2013.
  • D Bailey-Taylor thanked M Boyette and the Sleep Inn & Suites for hosting the DMANC board meeting April 12-13.
  • Kenly Marketing Committee is pleased with the new Kenly billboard campaign.
  • ECU Research Pilot Program has 3 more months – still looking for ways to increase participation. M Boyette suggested giving an immediate reward or small gift to turn in the email form.  This has worked well with a coffee vendor they are working with.
  • D Bailey-Taylor has been working with two film leads for a one day documentary shoot at the Smith Farm and a one day shoot for Lizard Lick Towing at Lazy O Farm.
  • D Bailey-Taylor reported that at the last board meeting, H Stump asked how quickly the fund balance would be replenished from using funds for Capital Grants. D Bailey-Taylor reviewed the financial data available to her and based on history alone, indicated a possible rate of return on the fund balance to be 24 months to replace $25,000. There are certainly other factors that affect the return of funds such as economic trends and hotel development. H Stump asked to see spreadsheets that go back at least ten years. D Bailey-Taylor will present spreadsheets at the next meeting.

Summary of Visitor Inquiries and Distribution – February

Visitor inquiries: pieces of literature mailed: 4,495

Year to Date visitor inquiries:  36,863

Inquiry History by Brochure:                 Visitor Guide 4,472

Visitor History by State: NC (1056), NY (330), SC (203), VA (203), PA (289), OH (177), FL (378), GA (180), TX (132), MD (139)

Visitor Inquiry for Advertising Source:  Compass Magazine – 838
Civil War Traveler – 581
AAA Go Magazine – 300
Southern Living Smithfield – 930
Oprah Magazine – 1,285
Granite Communications – 441 Ham & Yam listing – 160 Brochure Download - 42

February & March Bulk Distribution:

JCVB Visitors Guide – 3,960
JCVB Agri-tourism Trail brochures – 2,510
JCVB Golf – 280
JCVB Plastic Bags - 1120
JCVB Band-aids – 550
JoCo Maps - 82
Ava Museum Brochure – 35
Bentonville Battlefield – 35
Carolina Civil War Trail – 100
CPO Brochures – 50
Ham and Yam Festival Brochure – 3,230
Hinnant Winery - 125
Wine Trail Brochures - 135
SS Visitors Maps 6,140
Selma Classic Car Postcard – 785
Tobacco Farm Life Museum - 75

New and Inactive IP Records in D3000

New Record /Opened: Corner Market, Glenda’s Sweet Shoppe & Grille, Taqueria Colima, Unique Boutiques & Marketplace

Google Analytics – report for April – 3,249 unique visitors, 8,773 page views
– 3,313 unique visitors, 14,015 page views
– 1,487 unique visitors, 5,584 page views
– 5,477 unique visitors, 18,373 page views
– 139 unique visitors, 116 page views
– 458 unique visitors, 1,330 page views
– 434 unique visitors, 1,700 page views
- 578 unique visitors, 2,045 page views
– 783 unique visitors, 3,628 page views
– 231 unique visits, 611 page views

VII. Around The County Reports

Four Oaks – Acorn Festival, May 18-19

Clayton – May 5th the Clayton Derby Day, Reception for resident artist program will be Monday May 7th. Other upcoming events include the Clayton Road Race, Business Expo, and Downtown live concerts.

Cleveland Chamber - J Godfrey attended the Strawberry Festival and indicated the attendance was great.

Benson – Park dedication will be held May 12th. Sundown in Downtown concerts are ongoing.  The Benson Cleanup went well with over 800 hours of volunteer time to clean up around town and several homes on Harnett Street.

Smithfield – Ham & Yam Festival this weekend, May 4 & 5 with the sponsorships higher than ever this year.

Kenly- Krusin’ Kenly was good; however, attendance was down slightly.

VIII. Old Business

T Godwin discussed the ongoing relationship with the Smithfield/Selma Chamber. He asked that we continue to look at the relationship with a long range study to look at the agreement with the Chamber. T Godwin has asked for a sub committee to take a fresh objective look. The committee will be chaired by Bob Dixon. Other members are: Karen Henthorn, Mary Boyette, Trish Stewart and Keith Brinson.  K Brinson presented the chamber visitor center report to the board.

VIV. New Business

D. Bailey-Taylor reminded the board that on Monday, June 4th, the board will meet with the County Commissioners, and that this meeting will take the place of the regular Wednesday board meeting. It will be held at the administrative office. T Godwin would like for the meeting to be interactive with both groups and have feedback from the commissioners. M Boyette suggested that fact sheets be provided on each community. T Godwin asked that everyone be prepared to participate and discuss what is happening in their perspective communities.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Next Meeting
County Tourism Authority
Noon, June 4, 2012
Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices