Noon, Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices

Present:    M Boyette, T Godwin, P Boucher, B Dixon, C McLamb, H Stump, J Godfrey, K Henthorn
Absent:    M Patel, T Stewart, D Mills
Staff:    D Bailey-Taylor, A Phillips

I.    Call to Order – Vice-Chairman T Godwin
T Godwin called the meeting to order at 12:17 pm and stated that a quorum was present.  With no corrections, the agenda was adopted.

II.    Vice-Chairman T Godwin
T Godwin asked for a motion or corrections to the October minutes that were previously sent to the Board.  B Dixon motioned to accept the October minutes as presented.  M Boyette seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.  T Godwin opened the floor for nomination of officers. B Dixon nominated T Godwin as chairman, M Boyette nominated B Dixon as vice chairman and H Stump nominated M Boyette as sectary/treasurer. Each position was voted on individually and each passed unanimously. Chairman T. Godwin will speak with members of the board to establish committee chairs in the new few days.

III.    Finances – Chairman T Godwin

October Financials: Month-to-Date Revenue for October was $64,055.87.  Month-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $17,019.81. Month-to-Date Operations were $67,319.24. Net Income for the month was [$20,283.18].  Year-to-Date Revenues were $313,250.75. Year-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $72,296.68. Year-to-Date Operations were $177,903.29. Year-to-Date net income was $63,050.78. The September revenues were $42,168.11. Smithfield’s September Revenues were $10,013.00. Selma’s September Revenues were $7,709.33. Kenly’s September Revenues were $1,575.42.  Benson’s September Revenues were $841.65. Godwin stated that the revenues were down. M Boyette stated that the trend for overnight stays have slowed down. D Bailey-Taylor stated that the Human Resources remained normal for the month while operations were up due to a busy month for Smithfield activities; the Town of Benson requested $5,000 for their Way Finding Sign program, postage for bulk mailings, and three months of Johnston County fees. T Godwin stated that the money market was unchanged.

IV. Special Projects Committee
P Boucher stated there was no meeting for the month but that the Special Projects Committee would be looking at the application and guidelines for Special Events Grants as their next project.

V. Marketing Committee – M Boyette
M Boyette stated that the bureau had been focusing on the new JCVB websites and that all the sites are now live. E Dean is working on the design and layout for a new Benson Museum brochure. D Bailey-Taylor stated that the bureau is looking at SEO improvements for websites and would like for E Dean to take a course or use some services to review and update our efforts. Boyette stated that discussion was had about hotel TVs providing destination information on attractions and events. The town of Clayton currently runs their community channel with Time Warner.

D Bailey-Taylor presented the application form for the Sports Council. J Godfrey will be serving as a representative of the Visitors Bureau on the sports council. D Bailey-Taylor will use contacts from the county to send out information about the council as well as the applications. The applications will be due by December 15 and the board will make appointments in January. The first council meeting will be held in February 2012.

D Bailey-Taylor met with the Triangle Film Commission on Nov. 1st to get more details about what the commission has to offer. Royal Tours will be doing a mystery trip to the county December 1-3. Our State Magazine will be doing an article in the January issue about Holt Lake BBQ. D Bailey-Taylor met with Allen Wellons to discuss the possible use of the site which was used for the Logging Expo for sporting events. The JCVB staff will be conducting a post-conference meeting with the NC Logging Expo coordinators with suggestions about the need for more food vendors, shuttles and event maps with times of demonstrations.

D Bailey-Taylor stated that twitter followers had increased from 458 to 808 since the addition of John Mark Ivey working with social media. A brief discussion was had about a Shop Local Campaign. The bureau suggests that this should be a chamber campaign as the Visitors Bureau’s purpose is to bring in visitors to the county.

VI.    Staff Report – D Bailey-Taylor
D Bailey-Taylor stated the bureau had been very busy with the NC Logging Expo and the Ava Gardner Festival and that the hotels, restaurants and community were pleased with the weekend. The logging expo brought in approximately 4,000 visitors to the site over the 2 day event. J. Godfrey mentioned D. Bailey-Taylor spoke to the Clayton Rotary this month and was well received. T. Godwin mentioned the volume of information in the staff report and sharing with organizations around the county would be good PR for the bureau.  D. Bailey-Taylor said the new website has a section which includes board minutes and staff reports and hopefully more tourism industry members will RSS feed our information.

Summary of Visitor Inquiries and Distribution – September
Visitor inquiries: pieces of literature mailed:  6,060
Year to Date visitor inquiries:                       22,563
Inquiry History by Brochure:          Visitor Guide                           3,286
                                                    Ava Gardner Festival               2,710

Visitor History by State:  FL (390), NC (309), TX (189), PA (169), NY (157), GA (134), IL (133), VA (122), CA (118), NJ (114)

Visitor Inquiry for Advertising Source:     
AAA Go Magazine – 121
NC Civil War Traveler – 411
Oprah Magazine – 2,591

October Bulk Distribution:
JCVB Visitors Guide – 850
JCVB Agri-tourism Trail brochures – 100
JCVB Golf Brochures - 100
JCVB Klipnote Holders – 150
Ava Gardner Festival Brochures – 100
CPO Brochures – 200
Wine Trail Brochures - 440
SS Visitors Maps 200

New and Inactive IP Records in D3000
Closed:   Glenda’s Ice Cream, Benson
            Guyz Seafood, Benson
New Record /Opened:

Google Analytics – report for October – 4,349 unique visitors, 12,678 page views – 2,798 unique visitors, 7,336 page views – 550 unique visitors, 1,948 page views – 252 unique visitors, 603 page views – 148 unique visitors, 219 page views – 212 unique visitors, 764 page views – 174 unique visitors, 501 page views    - 224 unique visitors, 905 page views – 368 unique visitors, 2,097 page views – 193 unique visits, 599 page views

VII.    Around The County Reports

Benson – Harvest and Health Fair and 5K Run, weather was an issue

Selma –NC Logging Expo was successful

Smithfield –Ava Festival was successful, SS Chamber looking to update logo

Four Oaks – Oaktober festival good, weather was an issue

Kenly – Christmas Parade Dec. 1st, with tree lighting the night before

Clayton – Squealin' on the Square was successful, Taste of the Carolina this weekend, Tree lighting Dec 1, parade Dec 10.

VIII. Old Business
T Godwin stated that the lease for the office space in the downtown Smithfield building that is owned by John Lampe was updated and signed. The move will take place the first of December. Signage would include a street sign, store front glass and possibly the awning. B Dixon asked about applying for a downtown grant to help with the cost of the signage. J Godfrey suggested hosting an open house once the move was complete. This will be held in February due to the holidays and upcoming chamber annual dinner events.  D Bailey-Taylor stated that the bureau would be selling excess furniture through the county.

VIV. New Business
Discussion was had about the December meeting and Christmas dinner for the board. The bureau will look into restaurants in the 40/42 area and Kenly. The date will be determined and sent to the board.

Meeting adjourned at 1:04 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Boyette, Secretary/Treasurer