12 Noon, November 2, 2016
Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices


Present:          L Daniels, S Henley, R Childrey, R Capps, E Brame, K Brinson, M Zapp, R Andrews, K Henthorn, C McLamb, R Heilmann   

Staff:              D Bailey-Taylor, A Phillips

I.     Call to Order – K Brinson, Chairperson

K Brinson called the meeting to order at 12:17 p.m. and stated that a quorum was present. With no corrections, the agenda was adopted. K Brinson also asked for any possible Conflict of Interest concerning the agenda. No conflicts of interest were heard. K Brinson welcomed Rick Heilmann to the board as a county representative.

K Brinson asked for a motion to accept the October minutes that were previously sent to the board.

E Brame motioned to accept the October minutes as presented. R Andrews seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

II.       Finances – October Financials - D Bailey-Taylor

Month-to-Date Revenue for October was $111,293.57. Month-to-Date Operations were $74,363.88. Net Income for the month was $36,929.69. Year-to-Date Revenues were $417,222.14. Year-to-Date Operations were $325,163.01. Year-to-Date net income was $92.059.13. The September county revenues were $62,401.42. Smithfield’s September Revenues were $17,577.99. Selma’s September Revenues were $8,506.61. Kenly’s September Revenues were $2,062.47. Benson’s September Revenues were $1,158.63.

III.      Executive Committee – K Brinson

Board members were given copies of the Conflict of Interest Policy to be signed and returned. According to bureau policy this will be done annually in November and copies will be given to the County Commissioners. The board was updated on the Arboretum as a possible site for future office for the bureau. It was also noted that the adhoc committee had visited another possible site on Venture Drive. It was noted that this site would be 4,000 square foot. It would be a good fit for long term lease and would place the bureau in a good traffic location just off I-95. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

IV.     Special Projects – E Brame

The Special Projects committee did not meet but was asked to address the question of honoring a special event grant awarded to the Wilson’s Mills Pumpkin Festival that had to be canceled due to the hurricane. Discussion was had that the event planners had followed procedure and submitted proof of execution of these marketing expenses and it was the right thing to do to disperse the funds.       

M Zapp motioned to honor the original grant request for $500 for the Pumpkin Festival. L Daniels seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

V.     Marketing Committee – R Andrews

R Andrews shared that E Dean updated the committee on the photography project. The next phase will be shots of industry partners. DB Taylor stated that the Simpleview contract had been signed and mailed with a deposit. The next step will be the discovery meetings with Simpleview and JCVB staff. DB Taylor also stated that the bureau currently had a contract with TravelHost to distribute the visitors guide at RDU Airport. The publisher, David Hughes attended the JoCo Hospitality meeting and pitched the opportunity to be a part of a new TravelHost Shopping/Dining/Attraction map for Johnston County. The marketing committee did not think it was a wise investment at this time. The committee did agree to try placing both the BWST and Bike Route Brochures at RDU, switching out after six months to see if there is interest in these brochures, at a cost of $355 annually. R Andrews stated that the next meeting is scheduled for December and the date will be determined.

VI.     Sports Council Committee – DB Taylor

No meeting. DB Taylor let the board know that two positions are rotating off the council, one from McGees and the other from Princeton and that S Campbell is reaching out to both to see if someone else can attend meetings. Next meeting will be Wednesday, November 16th.

VII.     Staff Report - DB Taylor

D Bailey-Taylor stated that the staff had been busy with meetings and events and that VisitNC just recently conducted a Social Media Takeover in the county promoting the BWST partners.  The Snowbird hotel offer mailer was completed and mailed last week. D Bailey-Taylor completed the Heritage Center Exhibits for Todd Johnson and invited the board to see the exhibit on the Lebanese community in the county. D Bailey-Taylor stated that there was a possible partnership with Chris Johnson and marketing for Economic Development. There would be no cost to the bureau. C Johnson is interested in gaining our marketing and design skills for some direct mail pieces to site selection contacts across the country. E Brame stated that we should do everything we can to help. K Brinson stated that as long as it didn’t interfere with normal office work it would be good. D Bailey-Taylor shared that Selma Window Clings were printed and installed and that many positive comments from local business owners have been received. This was done through the Selma Marketing Committee. Ava Gardner Museum exterior displays were printed and installed with brightly colored poster designs promoting the new exhibit which is opening December 10th. The bureau provided 288 Hurricane Matthew Storm bags to hotels for visitors that were displaced by the storm with snacks and coupons to area businesses. It was noted that Fred Chason’s Grandsons Buffet had successfully opened in Smithfield and there are many positive comments on the food on social media. 

VIII.   Old Business


IX.     New Business


Meeting adjourned at 12:54 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Daniels, Secretary/Treasurer