12 Noon, Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices

Present:          E Brame, J Godfrey, L Daniels, J Stallings, S Henley, K Henthorn, K Brinson, R Andrews, W Stancil, S Lee

Absent:           C McLamb

Staff:              D Bailey-Taylor, A Phillips

I.          Public Comment - Town of Princeton

E Brame welcomed M Rose and B Merrill, representatives from the Town of Princeton. B Merrill stated there is an interest to improve the Princeton Community.  He stated that the town would like to pursue way finding signs, but they did not have the project budgeted. Merrill stated that NCDOT grant money might be available but unsure of the amount. The question being can the Town of Princeton apply for funds in the future to help with way finding. D Bailey-Taylor shared that according to the grant guidelines for the bureau that way finding could not be funded. The project must be tourism related such as improvements to ball fields to attract tournaments. E. Brame encouraged the town to share any plans they have for tourism projects and see how the Tourism Authority may be able to help.

II.        Call to Order – E Brame, Chairman

E Brame called the meeting to order at 12:12 pm and stated that a quorum was present. With no corrections, the agenda was adopted. E Brame welcomed new board members: Rosa Andrews, Johnston Community College; Warren Stancil, Interstate Outdoor; and Stacy Lee, Four Oaks Parks and Rec.

E Brame stated that the board needed to appoint a new vice chairman and secretary. Brame stated that he had spoke with K Brinson about the vice chairman position and L Daniels about the secretary position, with both being willing to serve. Floor was opened for nominations for officers.

S Henley nominated K Brinson as Vice Chairman and L Daniels as Secretary as recommended.  K Henthorn seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

Brame asked for a motion to accept the October minutes that were previously sent to the board.

L Daniels motioned to accept the October minutes as presented.  K Brinson seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

III.       Finances - October Financials - D Bailey-Taylor

Month-to-Date Revenue for October was $79,708.10. Month-to-Date Operations were $113,208.96. Net Income for the month was -$33,500.86. Year-to-Date Revenues were $366,211.46. Year-to-Date Operations were $291,789.37. Year-to-Date net income was $74,422.09. The September county revenues were $52,267.56. Smithfield’s September Revenues were $14,674.70. Selma’s September Revenues were $6,541.58. Kenly’s September Revenues were $1,769.52.  Benson’s September Revenues were not reported.  The Town of Smithfield remains one month behind on revenues being deposited.

IV.       Special Projects Committee

No meeting held in October and no special event grants to approve.  D Bailey-Taylor reported that two Capital Grants had been completed and paid:  The Clayton Center and Clayton Parks & Recreation.  Howell Woods will be installing a new aquarium exhibit and a small ropes course.  D Bailey-Taylor to check in with other recipients in the next month.

V.        Marketing Committee – D Bailey-Taylor

D Bailey-Taylor reported that the bike route brochure is in design now, and she will be contacting NCDOT on how many they might need for distribution.  New Girl Friends Getaway materials have been ordered and new offers are being added. The visitors guide be revamped again this year to become more of a Destination Guide, sharing experiences in our destinations, and move away from phone book listings in retail and restaurants.  The committee reviewed several new advertising opportunities and chose to take advantage of ads in USA Today and Carolina Field Trip.  The next marketing meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 19th at 9am due to the Sports Council meeting and Thanksgiving holiday.

VI.       Sports Council Committee – J Godfrey

J Godfrey stated the committee will be meeting on Wednesday, November 19th at noon. D Bailey-Taylor reported SageDesign is writing the report and next phase for the council is reading and editing the report, which will be completed in January.

VII.     JoCo Hospitality Association Report

A Astoske will conducting a mailing for both the updated for the new Visitors Guide and sending out applications to join the JoCo Hospitality Association.

VIII.    Staff Report – D Bailey-Taylor

D Bailey-Taylor stated that the bureau had received four awards at the DMANC Leadership Conference. The Selma Regency Hotel has been sold and the new owner is working with the town on plans for updating and renovation. The Econo Lodge and the Suburban Inn in Selma are now open for business. A Phillips and A Astoske received their five year pins. The Raleigh Oaks RV Park is open and will begin collecting tax revenue on new cabins.  Their facility is a destination for camping with two pools, weight room, community room with television, billiards room, and 25 mini cabins on site. Broadslab is completing a new tasting room which will open in December. The Johnston Airport held a ribbon cutting and the bureau contributed to the design of heritage panels that are displayed in the lobby. Billboards are all complete and all include large exit numbers and similar design. A Astoske will set a meeting with DOT in Goldsboro concerning the bike routes and next steps for signage and putting them in the county TIP. The bureau has responded to quite a number of media inquiries this month, and the BLOG post on Mannings Restaurant had 1,500 reads. The bureau will host the online media kit for the 150th Bentonville Reenactment.   J Godfrey asked questions of the staff concerning ad placement with Sam Rogers, meeting held with Stokes County Arts Council, and he complimented the staff on the exhibits at the airport.

IX.       Other Business

E Brame suggested that the board have some of the upcoming meetings in various communities and sites like the airport board room or Broadslab tasting room. Also the January board meeting will be held on Monday, January 5th. JCTA will be hosting the county commissioners and presenting the 2014 annual report. The board will meet at 11:30am, followed by lunch with the commissioners at noon in the Visitors Bureau meeting room.

D Bailey-Taylor presented marked-up revisions of the JCTA By-Laws that address the new Sports Council, JoCo Hospitality Association, and Town Marketing Committees. E Brame requested that board members review and send feedback to D Bailey-Taylor. The board will look at the suggested changes at the February board meeting.  

Meeting adjourned at 1:10pm. 

 Next Meeting
County Tourism Authority
6:30pm, December 1, 2014 at  Double Barley Brewing