12 Noon, October 5, 2016
Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices


Present:          L Daniels, S Henley, R Childrey, R Capps, E Brame, K Brinson, M Zapp, R Andrews

Absent:           K Henthorn, C McLamb

Visitor:           Lindsey Taylor

Staff:              D Bailey-Taylor, A Phillips

I.     Call to Order – K Brinson, Chairperson

K Brinson called the meeting to order at 12:18 p.m. and stated that a quorum was present. With no corrections, the agenda was adopted. K Brinson also asked for any possible Conflict of Interest concerning the agenda. M Zapp and R Capps stated a possible conflict with the Special Events Grants and stated that they would abstain from voting.  L Daniels and R Andrews noted a connection to Johnston Community College, however, the board did not see a conflict of interest there.

K Brinson asked for a motion to accept the September minutes that were previously sent to the board.

E Brame motioned to accept the September minutes as presented. S Henley seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

II.     Finances – September Financials - D Bailey-Taylor

Month-to-Date Revenue for September was $105,602.95. Month-to-Date Operations were $93,088.73. Net Income for the month was $12,514.22. Year-to-Date Revenues were $305,928.57. Year-to-Date Operations were $250,799.13. Year-to-Date net income was $55,129.44. The August county revenues were $72,337.64. Smithfield’s August Revenues were $20,352.28. Selma’s August Revenues were $9,770.67. Kenly’s August Revenues were $2,244.27. Benson’s August Revenues were $785.72.

III.      Executive Committee – K Brinson

K Brinson announced that L Daniels was reappointed to the Authority as the hotel representative and that Rick Heilmann was appointed by the Commissioners to replace Jim Godfrey. Discussion was had about committee assignments and hosting an orientation lunch with Rick to welcome him to the board.

DB Taylor presented the board with a summary of pros, cons and questions from the adhoc committee about the JCC Arboretum Project. Discussion was had about the options. The board asked that DB Taylor put together a Memorandum of Understanding and arrange a meeting with the adhoc committee and JCC.

E Brame motioned that the board move forward with negotiations with the JCC trustees to secure an agreement to lease and improve the JCC Arboretum site. S Henley seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

III.     Special Projects – E Brame

The Special Projects committee recommended that the board accept the following grants: State Annual Singing Convention - $500 and Howell Woodstock - $500. Due to possible conflicts of interest the grants were voted on separately.        

R Capps motioned to accept the grant request for the State Annual Singing Convention as presented. R Andrews seconded. Motion passed unanimously, with M Zapp abstaining.

M Zapp motioned to accept the grant request for Howell Woodstock as presented. L Daniels seconded. Motion passed unanimously, with R Capps abstaining.

IV.     Marketing Committee – DB Taylor

No meeting. Next meeting will be Wednesday, October 26th.

V.     Sports Council Committee – DB Taylor

No meeting. Next meeting will be Wednesday, November 16th.

VI.     Staff Report - DB Taylor

D Bailey-Taylor stated that the bureau had visited with new restaurants in the area and toured Flowers Plantation Club, as the Athletic Director is active in the JoCo Sports Council. DB Taylor and A Brame attended the NCTIA Leadership Conference where JCVB received a gold award for Group Tour Itineraries. The bureau is currently working on several museum exhibits for the Ava Gardner Museum, Johnston County Heritage Center and Benson Museum. The new visitors guide is in the final stages of edits and should be printed around the first of December. The bureau has completed one direct mail reaching a select target group in the Triangle, featuring, “Fall in Love with the Arts”, and is in the process of another mailing that will target “Snow Birds” with dual home ownership in PA/NJ and Florida. A third direct mail is scheduled for the spring for Recreation and Outdoor activities. Chip Henderson’s photo shoots are almost complete, although, this weekend’s shoot will have to be rescheduled. DB Taylor and S Campbell visited The Cottage at Lazy O Farm, a new destination wedding venue with two barns for 50 to 150 people, and a three-bedroom home on a pond.  DB Taylor suggested the board hold a future board meeting there so members can see the venue.  The bureau is working on getting the contract for Simpleview in place so we can move forward with the project.  Coming up on October 12, The Clayton Center and JCVB are hosting meeting planners from the Society of Government Meeting Planners Association (SGMP) for a tour. There is a JoCo Hospitality Association Meeting scheduled for October 25th, where the agenda will be about promoting your event/festival and David Hughes of Travel Host will present a Visitor Map pay to play opportunity to the membership. This would replace the You Are Here Map, and be a county-wide shopping and dining guide.  A Brame and DB Taylor will be meeting with RTP Studio next week to change out Google Adwords to promote Holiday Shopping and Christmas events.

VII.       Old Business


VIII.     New Business

R Childrey announced the new Sonic in Smithfield will have a ribbon cutting on Wednesday, October 12th. DB Taylor announced the rescheduling of Shine and Shop to November 5 and The Shindig to November 13 due to Hurricane Matthew.

Meeting adjourned at 1:01 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Daniels, Secretary/Treasurer