12 Noon, Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices


Present:          E Brame, T Stewart, B Dixon, J Godfrey, L Daniels, J Stallings, M Boyette, C McLamb, K Brinson

Absent:           S Henley, K Henthorn

Staff:              D Bailey-Taylor, A Phillips

I.          Call to Order – E Brame, Chairman

E Brame called the meeting to order at 12:17 pm and stated that a quorum was present. With no corrections, the agenda was adopted. Brame asked for a motion to accept the September minutes that were previously sent to the board.

B Dixon motioned to accept the September minutes as presented.  M Boyette seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

II.        Finances - September Financials - D Bailey-Taylor

Month-to-Date Revenue for September was $92,926.60. Month-to-Date Operations were $72,799.44. Net Income for the month was $20,127.16. Year-to-Date Revenues were $286,503.36. Year-to-Date Operations were $178,580.41. Year-to-Date net income was $107,922.95. The August revenues were $63,515.92. Smithfield’s August Revenues were $19,088.61. Selma’s August Revenues were $8,868.27. Kenly’s August Revenues were $2,566.19.  Benson’s August Revenues were not reported.  The Town of Smithfield remains one month behind on revenues being deposited.

III.       Special Projects Committee – T Stewart

The board was asked to review a request for a Special Event Grant for the 2015 State Annual Singing Convention to be held in Benson.

T Stewart motioned to approve the grant for the 2015 State Annual Singing Convention in the amount of $500 as presented.  L Daniels seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

IV.      Marketing Committee – S Henley

In the absence of S Henley, D Bailey-Taylor stated that the billboard for the Clayton Center is scheduled to be installed this month. The bike routes brochure is being designed and should be completed in the next 30 days. The Town of Benson will vote this month on the Resolution of Support. RTP Studio continues to audit websites sites and repair broken links. The Bureau has been working with the upcoming Shriners Convention and providing assistance with gift bags, promoting the parade and with transportation expenses from Smithfield to The Farm, in Kenly.  The Airport Authority will have an open house on October 30th and the board members were encouraged to attend.

V.        Sports Council Committee – J Godfrey

J Godfrey stated the committee had met and had a good turnout. S Burroughs reported that they had received about 2,500 survey responses. She also shared the Live Work Play Analysis that shows where the population of the county works, where they live, and what facilities are available to them.  Very interesting information on the large void of facilities in the western part of the county.  Members of the task force have received the inventory forms to review and approve.  D Bailey-Taylor announced the final maps have not been sent out yet for review. The next meeting will be November 19th and a final presentation will be in January. 

VI.       JoCo Hospitality Association Report

D Bailey-Taylor stated that the bureau held a kick-off meeting for the JoCo Hospitality Association. The meeting was well attended by 25-30 people from around the county. By-laws were recommended and feedback was shared. This committee would operate under the JCVB umbrella and would meet four times a year with the possibility of combining the wine and beer committee into this group. The association would work to offer educational speakers, networking opportunities, and provide more face-to-face interaction with the bureau. This would also help in training on "how to offer packaging" and for relationships to form among tourism industry partners. The by-laws state that there would be a $50/year membership to help cover the cost of refreshments, speakers, and meeting expenses.

K Brinson motioned to approve the by-laws as presented.  L Daniels seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

J Godwin made a point of interest that the by-laws needed to be gender neutral.

VII.     Staff Report – D Bailey-Taylor

D Bailey-Taylor stated that the Ava Gardner Festival marketing was complete and now the marketing push will be about the 150th Civil War Reenactment coming up in March 2015.  The Girlfriends package will be updated with new creative and new branding. A Astoske and E Bailey will be attending the DMANC on Thursday to receive bureaus marketing awards. The staff continues to work on the Parks & Recreation Master Plan. The Way Finding project is waiting on contract approval by the Town of Smithfield. 

D Bailey-Taylor announced that the Raleigh Oaks Campground would be opening in November with 50 cabins along with the RV connections, two pools, and mini putt-putt course. These cabins would be subject to the 3% occupancy tax, as "other lodging".  

E Brame noted that three board members had completed their maximum terms and would be rotating off the end of the month. Brame presented B Dixon, M Boyette and T Stewart with mantel clocks marking their names and dates of service.  Each were thanked for their years of service and dedication.

K Henthorn and J Godfrey were reappointed to serve second three-year terms. The new appointees are: Stacy Lee, Four Oaks Chamber; Warren Stancil and Rosa Andrews, County Commissioners.

Meeting adjourned at 1pm. 

Next Meeting
County Tourism Authority
12 Noon, November 5, 2014
Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices