Everwondr Calendar JoCo Visitors Bureau joins the Everwondr Calendar Network to promote the county's events and festivals.

The Johnston County Visitors Bureau is charged with promoting the attractions, accommodations, shopping, dining and events that draw visitation to the county.  Now the JCVB has joined the Everwondr Network that automatically includes the county's events in a statewide searchable event calendar.

"Social media is built on the idea of sharing leads to bigger audiences. So it stands to reason, if your events calendar could share information you would attract more attention, and more visitors."  states the About Us section of Everwondr Network.

That’s the premise behind the EverWondr Network. They work with local Convention & Visitors Bureaus, Arts Councils, Attractions and Media to connect events calendars to one centralized database.

For partners involved, this means that they can load an event once and it goes everywhere in a searchable state-wide database. No more loading to multiple sites, multiple times. No more wasted effort. Typically partners on the network report a reduction in admin time between 80 to 95 percent.

For users, combined events means no more hunting site to site to find something to do. Partner sites are always at the top of search results. Users simply pick a local partner and find a complete list of events happening in the city, the county or across the state. No more expired dates or incomplete listings to contend with.

The system even helps to promote hotels, attractions, restaurants and shopping under a "Plan your visit" section. The system will share events to social pages automatically, send out an HTML emails about events dynamically created from the information loaded.

By sharing the information consumers want, ticket sales and attendance are up and hotel stays have increased by 4% or more in some partner counties. The Everwondr network visitation has topped 8.5 million annually.