Home-grown Tomato Sandwich!

Johnston County is one of the fastest growing counties in North Carolina, but our roots are still in the soil and our agricultural heritage is strong.  Our farmer's are very visible at the NC Farmer's Market as the spring and summer crops are being harvested which starts with sweet strawberries in April.  By the time July rolls around, the bounty is rich and plentiful with corn, peaches, okra, blueberries and more.  But there is one crop that brings out the amateur farmer in us all -- the tomato.

Tomatoes will grow very well in planters and raised beds and many families grow this red, juicy, tasty, fruit in the backyard.  As the tomatoes start getting ripe on the vine, the anticipation for that first tomato sandwich begins. It's a simple recipe, but one that  in a way defines summertime in the South.

Tomato Sandwich Recipe

  •   1 medium size ripe tomato (homegrown, of course)
  •   2 slices bread like Pepperidge Farm  Country White
  •   1 Tablespoon Duke’s Mayonnaise (do not substitute)
  •   Salt and pepper

Wash and cut the tomato into thick slices. Spread the mayonnaise onto both slices of the bread. Make sure to spread the mayonnaise to the edge of each slice of bread. Place the tomato slices on one piece of bread. Add salt and pepper. Cover with the second slice of bread, mayonnaise side down, of course. Cut the sandwich into two pieces and enjoy the best tomato sandwich ever.

If tomatoes are not growing in your back yard, and you need to find a reliable source there are several options in the county.  On the weekend, local farmer's markets like the Clayton Community Farm Market and 701 Farmer's Market are great places to find a bounty of crop vegetables .  Other options are Lee's Produce in Clayton and Smith's Farm in the McGee's Crossroads area.  Wherever you find your tomatoes, we hope you try some of the recipes we will be posting up this month and that you will shop with our local farmers.

To find our more about visiting local farms in the county click here.