After last year’s postponement due to COVID-19 and a narrow miss this year due to summer school, the counties along the route are excited to welcome you in 2021. On Friday, June 18th and Saturday, June 19th, Highway 301 (for over 100 miles) will be filled with excited vendors and shoppers.

Hours of the sale vary by vendor but 7AM to 5PM daily is typical. Please keep in mind that schools along the route will be in session for summer school on Thursday and churches along the route will be gathering on Sunday, so we ask that vendors and shoppers confine their hours to the 2 days of the event.

Historically, the 301 Endless Yard Sale attracts people from all over the country and as far away as Canada. If the sale had happened last year then this year would mark year 10… a decade of deals, unique finds, treasures, and more!

Whether you’re looking for something very specific or you’re just looking for an Americana road trip full of vintage shopping, local restaurants, and interesting attractions, the 100+ miles of the 301 Endless Yard Sale has something for everyone. Explore Halifax, Nash, Wilson, Johnston, and Harnett county; shop north to south, south to north, or start in the middle and pick a direction.

If it’s your first time attending the 301 Endless Yard Sale, or you just need a reminder regarding best practices, we encourage you to read more below (there is a vendor section and a shopper section). More information is also provided on

Toy trucks lined up for sale on a shelf at a yard sale

Vendors and Vendor Locations

Vendor maps for each county are located on the 301 Endless Yard Sale site here. If you will not be participating this year, will not be leasing vendor spots, or have moved your location, please let us know at Individuals looking to find booth space can also use the vendor map to find contact information for vendor locations selling spaces.

This year more than any year previously we ask that you confine your hours to the days of the sale. Some counties will be holding in-person summer school and so vendor locations that used school parking lots will not be available Thursday and buses will be running all along 301 Thursday afternoon.

General vendor FAQs can be found here. From a safety perspective, we feel confident holding the sale due to vaccinations being offered more widely, and the fact that the sale is outside. However, it will be up to individual vendors to promote/enforce safety guidelines in their spaces to the extent they feel comfortable. You can find printable signage for your booth on the state health department site here.

Shoppers stroll multiple vendor booths at a location along the 301 Endless Yard Sale


If you’re new to the sale be sure to like/follow the Facebook page here, there are thousands of seasoned 301 EYS shoppers happy to share tips and tricks.

We ask every year that shoppers remain vigilant and cautious while shopping the route. Please keep your eyes on the road; if you want to look at an item or booth please park and then proceed to explore. Highway 301 is a two-lane road in most places so be careful of posted speed limits, pedestrians, and please pull fully off the roadway to park.

Vendors will be set-up on Friday and Saturday, we suggest from 7AM to 5PM; but you may find that hours vary from vendor to vendor. We have asked vendors not to set-up early this year as some counties along the route are offering in-person summer school and 301 is a busy bus route with schools located along 301 in many cases. We ask that you keep 301 clear on Thursday for schools and buses as they work to offer in-person learning this summer.

Most towns along the 301 Endless Yard Sale route have lodging options from hotels to motels and even camping; if you want to get the most out of the sale and are coming from out of town, we suggest you make a reservation for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Make a weekend of it! On our website, on the vendor map page for each county, you will find a link to lodging recommendations for that area. In addition, there are a ton of locally owned and operated restaurants along the route excited to offer you a delicious helping of local flavor to keep you going as you shop.

General FAQs for shoppers can be found here. In addition to all the normal things you need for the sale each year (water, sunscreen, cash, etc.), remember to bring a mask and some hand sanitizer and work to social distance as you shop.

If you post your finds on social media be sure to use #301EndlessYardSale! Enjoy the 301 Endless Yard Sale this year! We'll see you in June!

A lantern hangs on a tent booth at a yard sale event