In our continued effort to share the remarkable life and lasting legacy of Ava Gardner with fans the world over, the Museum recently launched a new virtual initiative. Our new virtual program, called Ava Chats, features in-depth conversations between the Museum’s staff, curatorial team, board of directors, and special guests. Topics for our series span Ava’s entire life, from her humble beginnings in rural North Carolina to her relaxed final years in London. We also showcase the Museum’s vast repository of Ava’s personal and professional artifacts which include photographs, jewelry, costumes, memorabilia, papers, ephemera, and much more.

Ava Thompson on the phone with "Ava Chats Episode 3" text on the image and the Ava Gardner Museum logo.

Our special guest for this episode, Ava Thompson, was photographed as a child while on a call with her Aunt Ava.

Our third episode of Ava Chats was recorded in May to honor Mother’s Day. Lora Stocker, museum board member and an active volunteer on the museum’s social media team, hosted the episode. The guests for the conversation included a returning Ava Chats participant, Lynell Seabold, executive director of the Ava Gardner Museum, as well as a new, very special guest, Ava Thompson. Ava Thompson is the Trustee of the Ava Gardner Trust as well as the great-niece and namesake of Ava Gardner.


Gardner family photo of Ava's parents (Mollie and Jonas) and three eldest siblings with their paternal aunt, also named Ava. 

In honor of Mother’s Day, we discussed the Gardner family with a special emphasis on the resilient women of the family, including Ava’s mother and four older sisters. Ava Thompson grew up knowing or hearing family stories about all of these wonderful women. Our conversation for this episode of Ava Chats explores and celebrates the Gardner women, their influence on each other, and their lasting legacy.

The full-length recording of the event is available for purchase through our gift shop. The first two episodes of Ava Chats, about Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, and Ava in Love & Marriage, are also available in our gift shop.

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