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Hosting Travel Writers
FAM trips (or Familiarization Trips) are often themed to attract a group of journalists all interested in writing, blogging, and posting on social around similar themes – food, craft beverages, agritourism, family travel, etc. JoCo is growing as a destination and it’s exciting that media want to visit and want to cover our tourism partners (that’s you).

Over the past three years the JCVB has worked to expand our ability to host media; and that ability comes directly from tourism partners like you who take the time and effort to welcome media into your business, give tours, provide samples, and serve meals, often at no cost. In return we work to convert these FAM trips into media coverage through follow-up; past FAM trips have resulted in stories placed in the Toronto Sun, the Huffington Post, and nationally-recognized travel blogs.  

If you are interested in participating in a FAM trip and providing an experience for media at your place of business, please contact Ashby Brame. We would like you to know that we understand what we ask of you and your business when we bring media in and we appreciate that you take the time to make Johnston County look and feel so welcoming as a destination.

Submit PR/Story Ideas
Multiple times a year the JCVB works with the state tourism department, VisitNC, to attend media networking events in other cities; these events are called media missions and are a great way for the JCVB to share updated information about our destination, tourism partners, and events with interested travel media. These media missions can turn into FAM trips that will lead to stories, or may convert directly into placed content.

Past media missions have taken place in Toronto, Montreal, New York City, DC, Atlanta, Charlotte, and more. If you have up-coming events, changes to your business, new products, or any other information you think would be relevant to media please contact Ashby Brame in order to submit your story idea for a future media mission.

Provide photography and video
The JCVB works to source content for their website, social media channels, and various print pieces designed and distributed throughout the year. A key element to this is maintaining a database of hi-res, up-to-date photography and video. Hi-res imagery and b-roll video is also crucial when trying to attract local, regional, and national news coverage. If you have hi-res, recent photo and/or video of your business, product, or event please contact Ashby Brame about sharing it with the bureau for use in creative and for media distribution.

Be Social with JCVB
With three Facebook Pages, seven Twitters accounts, an Instagram page, a YouTube Channel, and many more social accounts to manage on a daily basis, the JCVB is constantly looking for visitor-facing events, businesses, products, and stories from Johnston County to share across our platforms. Sending content ideas to us for posting, as well as interacting with our posts through liking and sharing, go a long way in making sure that relevant content finds its way to visitors and potential visitors. If you have something you think would make a good social post please contact Ashby Brame.

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