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    JoCo Grows Agriculture Mural Project

    Roland Wood Farms tobacco barn photo, site of the first JoCo Grows Agriculture barn mural.The JoCo Grows Agriculture Marketing Committee is kicking off its Barn Mural Initiative with this inaugural mural project. The committee will complete a series of Barn Murals around Johnston County along major highways in the county, US 301, NC Hwy(s) 50, 210, 39, 701, 96, and 222. We believe that art can be transformative and the impact of community murals has value way beyond the art on the walls (in this case barns) to share our message on the importance of agriculture in Johnston County. It is a form of expression that gives voice to what is important in our county and will drive economic vitality supporting our county’s long-standing agricultural heritage. Our inaugural mural project will set the standard for future murals. 

    Our first project location has been selected in the Benson farming community on a brick barn owned by J. Roland Woods Farms. Stayed tuned to our Facebook page for updates!


    Why is Ag Important?

    Agriculture is the art and science of cultivating the soil, growing crops, and raising livestock. For more than 200 years, agriculture in Johnston County has been associated with the production of basic food crops. Agriculture and farming is a key component of economic development and many more occupations allied to farming are recognized as a part of agriculture. At present, agriculture besides farming, includes forestry, fruit cultivation, dairy, poultry, swine, cattle, mushrooms, herbs, beekeeping, and nursery, as well as, marketing, processing, and distribution of agricultural products are all accepted as a part of modern agriculture. 

    Small child looking at the goats at Smith's Farm near Benson, NC.Tourism is also now a segment of agriculture as more and more farms are part of the "farm to table" movement for area restaurants, and farmers are opening up their operations to welcome visitors and host special events. Johnston County has been working with our farmers for more than 20 years to cultivate activities on farms like corn mazes, farm stands, and markets, and hosting a variety of fun activities like pick-your-own berries, hayrides, and even corn bins. So many children have made lasting memories on area farms in fun and educational ways.

    Agriculture plays a crucial role in the life of an economy. It is the backbone of our economic system. Agriculture not only provides food and raw materials but also is responsible for employment opportunities to a very large proportion of our population in North Carolina.

    We invite you to learn with us, visit a farm, and support local farm families in JoCo!


    Follow Us and Support our Campaigns

    We want you, your farm, your business, or your family to join our efforts to market and educate the community on the importance of the agriculture industry in Johnston County. 

    NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission logo.The JoCo Grows Agriculture committee has been awarded an NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission grant entitled, Consumers and Farmers: Bridging the Gap, 3-year campaign which will continue the committee's outreach and education efforts, and will launch new campaigns to executive the marketing plan established in 2019.

    Grant funds will be used to market two major harvest seasons in the county, Strawberries in the spring and Fall Farm Fun to promote on-farm activities, increase buy-direct revenues for our farmers, and community outreach through festivals, webinars, and farm visits. 

    Specialty Crop Block Grant Program logo, supporting the JoCo Grows Agriculture marketing programs.In January 2023, the JoCo Grows Agriculture Marketing Committee was awarded a second grant, entitled JoCo Grows Specialty Crops with the Specialty Crop Block Grant program with the NC Department of Agriculture. This grant will focus on increasing direct sales for more specialty crops like blueberries, row crops, pumpkins, sunflowers, pecans, collards, and much more. Whatever we grow in JoCo, we will be marketing to consumers. In addition, we will develop a marketing toolkit for our farmers to teach more marketing skills and provide a roadmap for increasing sales. 

    We are also working with People First Tourism as a partner to expand farm activities and provide farmers with a direct event ticket purchasing system. They bring a statewide reach and new resources to the JoCo Grows Agriculture Marketing Committee.

    We will continue to seek grants and local support to educate and share how important agriculture is to the local economy. Stay in touch with the committee, learn more from our farmers, and get information on local events by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    Upcoming Agritourism Events

    Farm facts about agriculture in Johnston County, NC.

    5 Fast Facts 

    Johnston County

    North Carolina

    • More than 80 different crops and commodities are grown in North Carolina
    • More than 8 million acres of land is used for farming
    • NC leads the nation in sweet potato, egg and poultry production, and ranks in the top 3 for Christmas trees, pork, trout, and turkeys
    • NC State generates a $1.6 billion annual impact from research and extension with just four key crops (blueberry, peanut, sweet potato, and tobacco) while supporting over 13,000 related jobs in 97 of the state’s 100 counties
    • NCDA Ag Statistics - Learn More through Stats

    Johnston County Coloring Book Cover in black and white

    Fun Kid Activities

    Take a tour around JoCo as you color and learn about our history, places, animals, and crops as you do! We also have created a coloring book that includes these puzzles as well as pictures to color of fun JoCo attractions, animals, and more. Also, download two puzzles with some ag-related themes: Word Search Puzzle and Crossword Puzzle!

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