Let Us Answer Your Questions...

Discover the answers to your questions about becoming a vendor for the sale or best practices and tips for having a successful sale along the 100+ miles of the 301 Endless Yard Sale.


How do I become a VENDOR?

Anyone can be a vendor by simply having a yard sale in their yard, at their business, or setting up in designated vendor places. The communities along US 301 have worked with area contacts to establish vendor locations and each town will have a list of available locations. Each town will have worked with sites on permits, parking, public restrooms, and food vendor guidelines. Vendors should work with town contacts closely to ensure a successful experience for all. Select the appropriate county from the vendor maps options for the contact information of vendors along the route.

What can I SELL?

Almost anything! Popular items range from antiques, collectibles, dishes, glassware, and junk, to farm implements, baked food items, crafts, and produce. Rows and rows of clothes are not the most popular items, but as the saying goes, "One man's junk is another man's treasure", so who can say?

WHERE are the yard sales?

Yard sales can be found at homes located along the designated route on US 301, in business parking lots, alongside streets adjacent to the route, and even in wide open fields and pastures in our rural communities between the towns proper.

Where does it BEGIN and where do I PARK?

The length of the US 301 Endless Yard Sale travels from Weldon to Dunn, a 100-plus-mile stretch through North Carolina. You might decide to start at the southern end (Dunn) and travel north, start at the most northern point (Weldon) and travel south, or start anywhere in the middle depending on where you jump onto HWY 301.

Parking may be limited in some areas to driveways or roadside in other places. Make sure your vehicle is safely parked off of the road. HWY 301 will remain open throughout the entire 2-day sale. Therefore, please obey all traffic laws.  WATCH FOR PEDESTRIANS and WATCH FOR OTHER VEHICLES.

What TIME do the sales begin?

Each vendor is on their own and can choose when they want to begin, but suggested vendor hours are 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

Who ORGANIZES this event?

The 5 DMOs that currently organize the sale promote travel, tourism, and economic development on U.S. Highway 301 from Weldon to Dunn in NC. The 301 Endless Yard Sale is a successful, long-running event thanks to the independent towns, business owners, non-profit groups, vendor locations, and individual sellers… and thanks to all our participating shoppers each year! 

Visit Halifax CountyExplore Nash CountyVisit Wilson CountyVisit Johnston County, and Visit Harnett County work together to ​market and promote the event in an effort to encourage travelers to visit not only vendors but also the small towns, attractions, and restaurants along U.S. Highway 301. 

What does it COST to participate?

There is no fee for locals with residences on HWY 301 to participate. However, none of the organizing bodies, nor the towns along the route, have any control over where, how, and to what degree private businesses and land owners along HW 301 rent booth spaces out to sellers wanting to participate in the 301 Endless Yard Sale. We do attempt to keep an up-to-date record of vendor locations along the route in each county here so that interested parties can call them directly to purchase booth space; and so that shoppers can locate vendor locations during the sale. We do not allow private residences to be listed on the map.


The 301 Endless Yard Sale is an event that takes place across multiple town and county jurisdictions in the State of North Carolina. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with all state and local laws pertaining to roadside sales. The organizers of the event have no authority to regulate or establish rules for the 301 Endless Yard Sale and are in no way responsible for the safety of participants or have any hand in the private sales which will take place along the route. Though great effort has been made to educate the public on best safety practices at yard sales and road market events, we in no way accept responsibility for any injuries which may occur during the 301 Endless Yard Sale event. Any individual participating is personally responsible for any and all events during the sale.