A Statement Regarding the 2021 301 Endless Yard Sale

    After rescheduling the 301 Endless Yard Sale last year due to COVID-19 the organizers of the sale hoped to move forward this year with holding the event on the 18th and 19th of June. However, it has come to our attention that the North Carolina State Legislature is considering a bill that would involve in-person summer school being offered in multiple counties across the state for students that fell behind in the last year due to distance learning. One of the many reasons the 301 Endless Yard Sale is held annually in June is because school is out; this frees up 301 Highway from morning and afternoon bus traffic and allows our school parking lots to be used as vendor locations. The organizers of the sale are waiting to know the outcome of this bill and whether school will be in session on the 18th of June to make a decision about the 301 Endless Yard Sale this year. Please stay tuned to the 301 EYS website and Facebook page. 

    The 301 Endless Yard Sale has become a spectacular event for dealers and shoppers, attracting visitors from across the country and even Canada. Next year when the sale returns it will stretch for over 100 miles on US HWY 301...from Weldon, to Rocky Mount, to Wilson, to Selma, and Dunn. Shoppers will find the usual yard sale items like clothes, kitchen gadgets, vintage records, and toys to the truly unique items like old farm equipment and maybe even a boat!

    If you are a vendor looking to find a great spot for the 301 Yard Sale, click on the Vendor Map tab on the website, then choose one of the five counties that are hosts for the sale. For a look back to a great TV segment on the sale from 2017, CLICK HERE -- it's a wonderful take on what you will find along the route.

    Follow us on Facebook for great planning information -- and use the hashtag #301EndlessYardSale when posting on Instagram.

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