Beer, Wine, Shine Trail FAQs

    The following guidelines and answers to FAQs are provided to assist you using the new Pass.

    We are excited to have you explore the Johnston County Beer, Wine, and Shine Trail! Before you get started, we put together a few frequently asked questions to make your experience clear and enjoyable. For any problems or issues with the digital platform itself (technical issues), please submit a help request to Bandwango, the developer of the Pass platform at 888-921-5333 (call or text this number). Please include your account information that needs to be updated in your request. 

    FAQs and Guidelines

    How do I start the pass?

    It’s easy to get started! Simply sign-up for the digital pass via the link on our website: From there, you will receive a link to a digital pass in your email. No need to download an app! If you like, you can download a shortcut to the browser check-in on your phone. 

    Is the pass free?

    Yes! When obtaining the pass, you will “check out” with the pass link, but the pass is entirely free. 

    How does the point system for the pass work?

    There are nine businesses within the Beer, Wine, Shine Trail: 5 breweries, 2 distilleries, and 2 wineries. At each stop, you will check-in to the location via geolocation on your phone. Each stop is worth 10 points, meaning you will have 90 points at the end of the trail. 

    How does the prize system work? 

    With each stop you check-in to, you will earn points towards different prizes. With 20 points, you will earn a BWST sticker and a phone stand that also operates as a bottle opener. At 50 points, you will earn a set of 2 BWST bamboo coasters. At 90 points, you will pick between a black or teal BWST t-shirt. 

    Can I visit a place more than once?

    We encourage all visitors to experience all that each of our stops has to offer, so please visit each stop as many times as you would like. However, you may only check into a location once to earn points.

    Do my points expire?

    Once you begin the trail, you will have one-year to complete the trail before your points expire. After your points expire, you will have to wait six months to be able to check in to the locations that you had previously checked in to. 

    How do I receive my prizes?

    We encourage you to stop by the Visitors Bureau at 234 Venture Drive, Smithfield NC, 27577 to pick up your prize! If you do not live locally or cannot fit the stop in to your visit, we will also ship your prizes to you.

    What if I have the printed brochure?

    We will continue to honor and accept printed brochures of the Beer, Wine, and Shine Trail. 

    How many times can I complete the trail?

    As many times as you would like! After you successfully complete the trail, you will have to wait 6 months before beginning to check-in to businesses again. We encourage you to attend the many events that our businesses on the trail have to offer!

    Please Drink Responsively – We are excited that you have decided to participate in our trail. Please drink responsibly and have a designated driver. There are limited taxis, Ubers, and limos available. Plan ahead!!


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