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Complete the following set of questions to complete the Hospitality Heroes program, which introduces tourism facts for those interested in a career in hospitality!


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Question 1

Select the best definition of a visitor.


-A visitor is defined as someone that moves a business or retires to a community.


 -A visitor is someone that travels to a destination from a distance greater than 100 miles,
  stays for an excursion trip or overnight in area accommodations.


Question 2

The VisitNC team is part of the Economic Development Partnership of NC.  NC is the _______ most visited state in the US.










Question 3

How is the Johnston County Visitors Bureau funded?


                -Local property tax


                -3% Hotel Room Tax


               -Membership Fees


Question 4

The Tourism Industry is made up of eight segments of businesses that cater to visitors.  


Which below does NOT belong?






                -Outdoor Recreation




                -Transportation Services




                -Arts & Entertainment




                -Meetings & Conferences


Question 5

In addition to the Johnston County room tax, there are four towns that have their own tax.


Select the town below that has a 2% room tax.










Question 6

What is the primary attraction that draws visitors to Johnston County?


Question 7

Select at least two marketing/advertising programs that the Johnston County Visitors Bureau uses to attract visitors to the county. 


Question 8

When helping a visitor discover “what is there to do in Johnston County?”, what resource would be your go to


                -Phone book


                -Google search


                -Johnston County Visitors Guide


                -Tell them there is nothing to do here


Question 9

To be effective when listening to a visitor’s request, it is best to do which of the following?


                -Finish their sentences when they talk too slow


                -Talk about yourself while the customer is talking


                -Put aside your need to be heard


                -Interrupt them to get your point across


Question 10

You are knowledgeable about your destination, Johnston County, and you have customer service training through Hospitality Heroes!  Why is it important for businesses to hire someone like you?  Select the best choice.


                -You have all the answers


                -There is no problem you can’t handle


                -You can provide outstanding customer service


                -You will pass along the customer’s request to management


All questions must be answered

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