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    A young girl pulls in a green kayak from the lake that surround Howell Woods.Locals have shortened the name from Johnston County to JoCo, and the rest of the state is joining in and adopting our nickname. So call us JoCo too, and get to know the small cities, crossroads, and countryside of Johnston County where our rural heritage shines. (Literally, we are known for our shine – moonshine that is!)

    And best of all, during your travels, discover the many cool stories and wonderful people throughout the county. Don’t be in a hurry! Spend some time at a local country store, or walk along the Clayton River Walk and enjoy the art produced by area school children. Drive along the Civil War Carolina Campaign Driving Trail and listen to author Mark Bradley talk about the largest battle fought during the Civil War at Bentonville. Learn more about the history and heritage of Ava Gardner, who was named the most beautiful woman in Hollywood, and was born in JoCo. A museum in her honor is located in Downtown Smithfield.

    So many delightful discoveries await you in JoCo! So put on your large brim hat and sunglasses and drive on over!
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