A display of Johnston County Visitors Bureau marketing samples with awards won in front of them.

2023-24 Marketing Plan

2023 Marketing Plan Cover for the Johnston County Visitors Bureau.As the travel industry continues to recover, hospitality businesses and workers face the lingering effects of the COVID pandemic - shortened hours, cost increases, reduced staff volume, etc. To adapt to the current and emerging changes in travel, DMOs like the Johnston County Visitors Bureau have made a tremendous investment in marketing research and monitoring trends. 

In our 2023-24 Marketing Plan we will address how we're using data to target highly specific leisure market segments, changes to our communication and social strategies, and even the rise in the use of AI to market destinations. In addition, the plan discusses the continued slow return of the groups and meetings market; the Tourism Authority board will address this issue in July 2024 as the determination will be made on returning to 7 full-time staff, as well as, which position is most needed - sales, web content/SEO, or community development liaison.

New tools and enhancements to our website will continue with our provider, Simpleview, to use marketing automation and email segmentation to better reach visitors to our website during their research and buying decisions. Also, after a full year of utilizing Near.com, the Bureau has 12 months and counting of data intelligence to help us better understand our visitors. Both of these items will assist the JCVB staff in crafting tightly targeted marketing messaging for a higher ROI across all our efforts, letting technology assist us whenever possible.

Also, this year the staff will dive into many of the projects associated with JoCo Grows Agriculture via the Tobacco Trust Fund Commission and Specialty Crop Block two-year grants received in the previous FY. Our plates are full as always, but we welcome our tourism industry partners' input in support of our mission -- to attract and serve visitors to Johnston County!

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