We teased it in our JoCo Has Talent Update and now here it is! The exclusive premiere of local Johnston County artist HeartMouth's new single, Nothing at All. Plus, some behind-the-scenes footage of how it's made.

I got the privilege to sit down with Casey Allen, a Four Oaks, NC native, and the guy behind HeartMouth. I am always amazed at true talent, but Casey is in another league. I think you'll agree when you listen to his new single, Nothing At All. He's truly an one-man-band. If I hadn't witnessed how this song came together for myself I wouldn't believe I was listening to a single artist.

Witness the method and the madness below for yourself. In the video below we get an exclusive look at how the new track came together and also a look into the song-writing and producing process. Then, below that, we've got an exclusive link so you can listen to Nothing At All for yourself. It's available now on iTunes. Buy it! Share it!