People who maybe drink too much caffeine coffee... raise your hands! I'll include myself in that too. People who drink coffee because they genuinely enjoy the taste... actually, that's also me. For many people, coffee has become an experience, a hobby, something to enjoy discovering when they travel just as much as the local food or craft beer. 

In the past few years, the many towns that make up Johnston County, each with its own unique main street landscape, has seen the opening of a gem I like to call The Local Coffee Shop. I'm a big consumer of local coffee both in my daily life and when I travel. From macchiato to matcha, scones to sandwiches, and ambiance to attitude, there is something about locally-owned and operated coffeehouses that make each visit and every sip better. 

If you feel the way I do about coffee, and the locals that brew it up for you... take a look at all the coffee shops we've placed on the map below. Each one waiting to serve you a steaming cup and a warm, fresh-made baked good. Spend some time traveling along the JoCo Cuppa Joe Trail and maybe find your favorite new "coffee spot". 

For those that crave the comfort of the familiar and would like their coffee from a more well-known brand... Johnston County has those too. From Starbucks to Dunkin' Donuts to Caribou. Find a full list here with location information. 

Customers ordering drinks inside Boulevard West, a coffee shop and bar in Clayton, NC.