The Johnston County Visitors Bureau has completed a year-long project producing five uniquely themed promotional videos for tourism.  The five videos may be found on the bureau's new YouTube Channel,

"I think it's safe to say we have become a time starved society overrun with media messages. Our research indicated that video length should be three to four minutes tops to be effective", stated Donna Bailey-Taylor, Executive Director.  "So approximately 12 months ago we contracted with Digital P Media of Cary, who has produced the videos for The Clayton Center for several years to script, shoot and produce five videos."

The niche markets first targeted for Johnston County included History & Heritage, Arts & Entertainment, Agritourism and Food Products, Shopping, and Outdoor Recreation.  The creative platform included a "Johnston County Traveler" that narrates the videos as he travels around the county discovering all there is to see and do.

Fans of home improvements shows may recognize the "JoCo Traveler" as television host, Patrick Brown, who now lives in Wake County.  Brown is the host of Home Made Simple on TLC, A Discovery Channel and owns a construction company, ISC, Inc. in Wake County.  He graduated from East Carolina University with a bachelor of arts in sociology, where he also studied percussion and was a trained drummer.

"Working with Patrick was so enjoyable, as he truly was discovering Johnston County's rural character (which he loved the most) with each production shoot," noted Bailey-Taylor.

The Visitors Bureau has plans for future videos in other niche markets like "Festivals and Food" and "Destination Weddings".  For now, the Digital P Media film crews are back in Smithfield and Selma working with the Towns, Chamber and Downtown Development groups to complete three videos on recruiting business and industry here.

For more information on the Johnston County Visitors Bureau program of work to attract and serve visitors to the county, visit the website,, or call 919-989-8687.