The 19-20 JCVB Marketing Plan is live on our website! Check it out and be in-the-know regarding all the concepts, creative, and campaigns the bureau has planned in the coming fiscal year.

The new plan has been updated and over-hauled from last year in order to better align with the bureau's new goals and vision for the destination. The JCVB recently underwent a 6-month strategic planning process with Don Anderson from Destination Consultancy Group. Don worked with the visitors bureau staff, board, and community partners to craft a destination strategic vision for Johnston County. From that vision followed specific goals the JCVB is working towards and the new Marketing Plan for the 19-20 fiscal year is the first step in achieving those goals.

In the plan you will find information about visitor spending in the county, how the bureau identifies and targets specific visitor markets, ideas the bureau has for destination and community development, as well as information about how we operate and work with our partners. The JCVB Marketing Plan outlines the JCVB's efforts to attract tourists to our county in a way that supports our partners and elevates JoCo as a wonderful place to live, work, and visit. 

2019-20 JCVB Marketing Plan