Tips For Planning A Trip To The
Endless Yard Sale In North Carolina

The 301 Endless Yard Sale, happening June 17th and 18th, is a unique shopping experience with plenty to see and find. This event is for you if you're searching for rare gems, collectibles, or vintage items! Hosted in North Carolina, the 301 is modeled after the famous 127 Longest Sale. As the name suggests, the Endless Yard Sale is hosted along the 301 highway for 100 miles and includes the counties of Johnston, Halifax, Wilson, Nash, and Harnett.  

Of course, planning is always essential when organizing a trip that goes off without a hitch! That's why we've put together a list of tips to make your visit to the Endless Yard Sale as positive and memorable as possible. 

Tip #1 Gather Information Before Your Trip 

Make sure that you conduct a bit of research before embarking on your yard sale adventure. Having an idea about where you want to go and where the hot vendor spots are will make your travels easier. 

I recommend starting in Johnston county, the original site of the sale. Johnston County is also where you'll find a vast number of vendors. However, feel free to hop on the route at any point; it runs from North to South and vice versa for 100 miles. Vendor maps for each participating county can be found here.

Tip #2 Arrive Early

The 301 Endless Yard Sale begins at 7 a.m and ends at 5 p.m. Although vendor hours may vary, it has been recommended that they stay within these hours. Since this is such a popular event, you want to make sure that you don't miss out on any treasures. Optimize your chances of finding what you are looking for by arriving on time. 

Tip #3 Keep Car Space In Mind

A good rule of thumb is to remember that you'll be bringing home more than you left with. Given this, you may want to assess the vehicle you are taking to the event. 

Although postal and shipping services are available, you may not want to wait for shipping services. You may want to consider driving a truck or van to the event to load and transport your finds easily. No need to leave that perfect piece of furniture behind or pay extra to ship it because it won't fit in your car. The larger the vehicle, the more loot you can lug!

An old blue sewing machine and other items displayed at a yard sale

Tip #4 Reserve Your Room 

The 301 Endless Yard Sale draws crowds from across the country and Canada, so you can be sure it will be hectic. If you plan to stay the whole weekend, it is crucial to make a reservation at a hotel. You'll find comfortable accommodations across the counties participating in the sale. 

Tip #5 Take Necessary Health Precautions

Although this event is being held outside, event organizers recommend bringing a mask and doing your best to social distance. Of course, health and safety are of utmost importance, so attempt to be mindful of yourself and others. Bring hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean after handling cash or items at the sale. Sanitizer also comes in handy when you get hungry for that afternoon snack!  

Tip #6 Dress For Comfort 

A long day of bargain hunting calls for comfortable clothing. Be sure to check the weather before traveling. However, you can rest assured that it will be warm. 

The weather in June in North Carolina has an average high temperature of around 88 degrees! I recommend wearing closed-toed shoes or comfortable sneakers while shopping. Sneakers will protect you from any insects lurking in the grass and provide you with good support. 

Since the weather will be hot, you should dress accordingly. For example, shorts and lightweight tops will keep you nice and cool. Don't forget to put on plenty of sunscreen and rock your sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. 

Shoppers stroll multiple vendor booths at a location along the 301 Endless Yard Sale

Tip #7 Cash Is King 

The Endless Yard Sale is not the place to try out fancy new payment methods. Cash is convenient, quick, and welcomed at this event. Help vendors out by carrying a combination of small and mid-sized bills. No one likes to dig around for change when handed an inappropriately large bill for a small item.  

Tip #8 Stay The Course

The Endless Yard Sale is a lengthy trek. Making a plan and staying on track is an excellent way to make sure you don't miss out on any of it! Decide beforehand where you would like to go and how long you will stay there. Maybe you make a plan to stay in one county and explore all it has to offer. 

On the other hand, if you would like to see the whole event, you'll need to set time limits for how long you will stay in each area. Keep in mind that some yard sales will be held in many different locations like side streets, open fields, parking lots, and homes. Don't forget to set aside time for meals, especially if you will eat at a restaurant in town!

Tip #9 Pack Plenty Of Snacks and Drinks

There's nothing worse than feeling hunger pangs setting in when in the middle of a successful bargain hunt. That's why it's imperative to be well equipped with snacks and drinks. 

It will be easy to become dehydrated, given the hot weather. To combat this, bring cold drinks like water bottles, Gatorade, and juice boxes for the kids. Great, easy snack options include protein bars, granola bars, and nuts. Being prepared with food will keep spirits up and tempers low.   

Kid holds out ice cream cone

Tip #10 Explore Local Restaurants

When you aren't chowing down on the snacks you brought, consider exploring the local cuisine in nearby towns for lunch and dinner. The counties participating in the Endless Yard Sale offer everything from farm-to-table dining to well-known chain restaurants and BBQ.

Tip #11 Bring Reusable Bags 

Reusable bags, backpacks, and rolling bags will come in handy while you sort through all the treasures at the yard sale. Bringing these will not only keep your hands free while examining items but will give you a place to store your goodies until you can return to your car. Smaller items can be housed in a reusable bag or small backpack, while you can put larger items in a rolling bag. 

Tip #12 Be A Cautious Driver

The Endless Yard Sale attracts over 15,000 shoppers, so the roads will be packed with cars and pedestrians. If you see something you want to explore, make sure to pull off the road and park but keep your eyes open for people perusing the stalls. It may be helpful to have someone else in your party keep an eye out for exciting sales while you stay focused on the road ahead. 

Items for sale at the 301 Endless Yard Sale in Johnston County, NC.

The 301 Endless Yard Sale is your opportunity to find that unique item you've been searching for. Don't forget to make a list of things you are on the hunt for so you don't get overwhelmed by all the treasures available. Given that admission is free, this is a fantastic event for a group to attend, so grab your friends and family! It is also an excellent opportunity to explore the surrounding area and get to know some charming North Carolina towns! Visiting the 301 Endless Yard Sale is a summer must-see you won't want to miss.