The 22-23 JCVB Marketing Plan is live on our website! Read the entire plan here or click the cover image below, and be in-the-know regarding all the concepts, creative, and campaigns the bureau has planned in the coming fiscal year.

Marketing JoCo As Travel Returns (& Grows)

As we see a return of travel revenue numbers equal to 2019, the bureau has added back many of our previous marketing plan goals and tactics to the 2022-23 Marketing Plan. New tools and enhancements to our website will continue with our provider, Simpleview, to use marketing automation and email segmentation to better reach visitors to our website during their research and buying decisions.

Also a new tool for the staff is, a data intelligence service to learn much more research about our visitors, to better serve them relevant content with very targeted messaging. Both of these items will equip the JCVB staff to focus on high ROI for all our marketing efforts, and let technology assist us whenever possible.

In addition, this year the staff will dive into many of the projects associated with JoCo Grows Agriculture via the Tobacco Trust Fund Commission grant received in 2022. Our plates are full as always, but we welcome our tourism industry partners' input in support of our mission -- to attract and serve visitors to Johnston County!


What You'll Find in the Plan

In the plan you will find information about visitor spending in the county, how the bureau identifies and targets specific visitor markets, ideas the bureau has for destination and community development, as well as information about how we operate and work with our partners. The JCVB Marketing Plan outlines the JCVB's efforts to attract tourists to our county in a way that supports our partners and elevates JoCo as a wonderful place to live, work, and visit. 

2022-23 Marketing Plan Cover for the Johnston County Visitors Bureau.