JoCo Recipes

    Nothing defines Southern destinations more than the way we talk, our friendly hospitality, the humidity (it's not dry heat!) and our love for cooking. Johnston County dates back to 1746 and is rich in agricultural heritage and our food reflects that influence with a variety of settlers from Europe, native Americans, and food traditions from Africa as well. Early settlers lived off the land and many recipes and "ways" have survived today in our Southern cuisine.

    We want to share with you fresh produce recipes you can try during the summer months, winter soups, sweet potatoes in the fall, cured meats you can use all year round, and our Eastern-style barbecue -- just to name a few.  And don't forget the best part of the meal -- dessert, which sometimes we eat first!!!

    So sit back and enjoy this flavor journey of Southern-style, or JoCo style cooking!  CLICK HERE for the variety of recipes we have pulled together for you.  Also visit our Pinterest Page and follow our recipe boards.

    If you want someone else to do the cooking -- check out several Southern and BBQ  restaurants we suggest you try!
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