A Perfect Day for Strawberry Picking
at Smith’s Nursery

Thank you to JaMeka Ramnath for sharing with us her family's recent visit to Smith's in Benson; we hope you enjoy this guest blog. Be sure to visit JaMeka's blog Ramnaths Away!

It’s strawberry season! We took a little trip last weekend to go strawberry picking at Smith’s Nursery and Produce Farm here in North Carolina

Smith’s Nursery is located in Benson, North Carolina. They sell beautiful plants and flowers, ice cream, honey, jams, fresh vegetables and much more. You can also take a tour of their farm and see their cute farm animals. 

A man and child pick strawberries in a field

There’s a staff member outside who you get the buckets from and after you’re done picking you take it into their shop where they’ll weigh it and you pay $2.99 per lb. (current price at the time I’m posting this.) 

This was actually our second time going strawberry picking at this location. Our first time was when Tristan was in kindergarten on a school field trip a couple of years ago.

A hand holds a full bucket of strawberries up to the camera

Picking strawberries is a lot of fun! We picked 4.5 lbs of strawberries and not only are they super fresh and delicious to eat, but they are also HUGE! (I know I keep repeating myself but I still can’t get over how big their strawberries are!)

The weather was so nice that day. It was refreshing to do something new and get outdoors beyond our backyard. It may be springtime, but the temperatures we’ve been having in North Carolina feels very much like summer. Good beach weather too!

A hand holds up 2 red, ripe strawberries to the camera

I took half of our collected strawberries and made a delicious strawberry crumble.  We also had plenty of extra strawberries leftover to eat with homemade whipped cream. 

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For more of JaMeka's photos from Smith's, and to see more adventures and travel tips, visit her blog Ramnaths Away!

Smith's Nursery Plant Potting Services Stand