Below please find the 2023 Johnston County Visitors Bureau Annual Report, which covers the FY 2022-23. The 36-page report provides a review of 2022 Visitor Spending highlights provided to the Bureau by the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina and the VisitNC team. We also cover many of the highlights of the Bureau’s efforts to market the county using the hotel room tax paid by visitors staying in accommodations in the county.

If you love numbers like we do here at the Bureau, the most outstanding numbers for the impact that tourism has for the county are these:

$284.94 Million
2022 Visitor Spending in Johnston County

The increase in Visitor Spending Over 2021

Visitors to the county spend this every day on lodging ($59.77m), retail ($23.56m),
food & beverage ($96.83m), transportation ($68.33m), and recreation ($36.43m)

$9 Million
Local taxes visitors leave behind to help provide services to residents

We continue to be in a recovery period; our hotels and tourism partners are still facing challenges with a looming recession, high gas prices, supply chain issues, and workforce recruitment. Most of all we continued to stress that we're all in this together - and we will be an advocate for our partners and always be their biggest cheerleader! 

Watch our new video below to learn about the Johnston County Visitors Bureau (JCVB), where our funding comes from, how much visitors spend each day in JoCo, and more! Tourism Does That?! is also a monthly newsletter from the JCVB that you can sign-up for on the About page of our website. 

Cover for the FY 22-23 Annual Report for the Johnston County Visitors Bureau.
The Johnston County Visitors Bureau is the official destination marketing organization representing visitor industry businesses across the county.  For information on working with the Visitors Bureau’s many programs, applying for Matching Marketing Grants or Capital Grants, or to place listings or events on the website, visit our About page or call 919-989-8687. We are in this together to showcase our county to visitors from all over the world (and especially those traveling I-95 and I-40!).