Live @ The Rudy in Selma is a must-visit entertainment venue that brings a blend of music, comedy, and theatrical performances to the charming town of Selma. For over two decades the Rudy Theatre has been a beloved local institution, offering top-notch shows that appeal to all ages. Known for its family-friendly atmosphere and talented performers, catching a show at The Rudy promises a memorable experience - with laughter, toe-tapping tunes, and a true taste of Southern hospitality.

Founded in 1998 by Spook Joyner and business partner Tony Davis, The Rudy celebrated 25 years of entertainment last year. Spook, the band, the cast, and the Rudy staff produce four uniquely themed shows per year: Easter Jubilee, Sounds of Summer, Classic Country, and the Christmas Jubilee. 

The cast of Live @ The Rudy in Selma, NC, is a talented and diverse group, each bringing their unique flair to the stage. Leading the team is Spook, a seasoned musician and producer with over 30 years of experience in the music industry, known for his work with various award-winning bands and his passion for songwriting and production. Vocalist Tina Seldin Cash, a veteran of the Rudy stage since its inception, brings a rich background in performance and television, adding depth and charm to the shows.

Other notable members include Jerry Williford, a skilled steel guitarist who has been with the cast since 1998, and Fred Burgess, a bassist with a lifelong passion for music. Drummer Reggie Sills and keyboardist Paul Davis round out the band. Additional vocalists include Jennifer Lee, Tom Furguson, Johnny Smith, Shannon Venable, Jennifer Ferrell, and Celeste Winstead. 

Live at The Rudy Easter Jubilee is an annual event in Selma, NC.

Speaking of Jennifer Ferrell, she spoke of her time with The Rudy as a blessing in her life, “Not only are the cast members and staff like a family in how we care about each other. But the guests who come to our shows season after season, year after year are also like family too. We appreciate the support from the community and how the arts are supported through what we do at The Rudy.”

Last but certainly not least is comedian Clint Honeycutt. He works with the vocalists and the band to create entertaining skits during and between musical numbers. His characters, like Cletus, create an engaging and memorable entertainment experience that has become a staple of the Rudy Theatre. 

Clint said, “As a cast member my personal goal is to make everyone’s experience as good, and even better than, it has been before! Especially for those loyal patrons that have supported The Rudy for 26 years now. I want folks to keep on coming!” he continues. “I also want to thank everyone who recently welcomed me as Cletus.” 

Every Rudy pre-show includes a time to honor all of the veterans present - those who have served and are now serving in The Armed Forces of The United States of America. In addition, guests can fill out a guest card before the show and the cast will recognize special occasions from the stage such as anniversaries, birthdays, and even your group by name!

The Rudy Theater produces and performs four themed shows during the year. The Easter Jubilee runs March to April. The Throwback Sounds Summer runs May to July. The Classic Country Jubilee runs August to October. And the Christmas Jubilee Show runs all of November and December. But that’s not all you’ll find at The Rudy! Throughout the year The Rudy hosts a variety of regional and national acts, from nostalgic tributes to original artists.

Live at The Rudy Christmas Show in Selma, NC.

Jennifer gives Spook credit for the variety of entertainment, “Spook has made it all possible by having a vision, planning, and putting all the intricate pieces in place to bring quality entertainment to our stage. I look forward to the variety of the music we get to perform. It keeps the shows fresh and challenges us to always do our best. The guests can look forward to singing along, or having a certain song bring back precious memories. I feel we have as much fun and feel as much joy on stage as I hope our guests do out in the audience.”

It isn’t easy making the show go on. Aside from the production work, rehearsals, costume changes, and keeping it fresh from year to year. The Rudy has had to contend over the decades with hurricanes, floods, and the pandemic. But Spook continues to make sure the doors stay open and the curtain goes up. 

Speaking to Spook himself on The Rudy’s 25 years he stated, “I’m so thankful for the Rudy Theater. Doing shows there with all the people and performers has been like a blur. But they all help me bring good family entertainment to JoCo’s residents and visitors. It’s thanks to all of our wonderful guests. I just want to keep it all going - raise that curtain, let’s do a show.” He added, “I also give God all the praise and glory. His hand has been on this place since day one.”