Ava Gardner appeared on the cover of Our State Magazine.Ava Gardner, a native of Johnston County would appear on thousands of magazine covers during her career as one of Hollywood's elite stars. She was also the first and only North Carolina woman to be on both Time and Newsweek Magazines covers. Ava appeared on the cover of Our State Magazine, March 2014.

Editors of Our State Magazine, chose a portrait by Dutch artist Bert Pffeifer which is owned by the Ava Gardner Museum, as the cover image.  Our State Magazine is North Carolina's premiere travel and life-style magazine on the state and has frequently featured Johnston County attractions, festivals, and businesses.

It goes without saying we were thrilled they chose Ava Gardner to grace their cover and the article inside features the fashion of Ava and the museum's exhibits that showcase her life and career from her humble beginnings as a farmer's daughter in the Brogden community til her death in London in 1990. 

Two very famous covers to mention!
Ava Gardner on the cover of Time Magazine, 1951.In September 1951, Gardner appeared on the cover of Time magazine, featured in a story titled “The Farmer’s Daughter,” which also covered the history and importance of the female star in Hollywood.  Time, in its piece on Gardner, added some caveats, noting that she was not “the most beautiful babe” in Hollywood, nor was she the best actress.  However, she exuded an allure and mysterious qualities, that sent the glamor meters clicking...she just might be the one new star who could bring glamor back to Hollywood.

Ava Gardner appears on the cover of Newsweek, 1952.By November 1952, Ava would be featured on the cover of Newsweek, not only for her popularity in Hollywood, but she was now Mrs. Frank Sinatra and causing a media storm wherever she went.


Learn more about Ava Gardner and see more photos by heading to the Ava Gardner Museum in Downtown Smithfield.