Is it Butter Pea-Can or Butter Pea-Con?

Whichever way you pronounce butter pecan, is it your favorite ice cream flavor?

Are you, like us, a connoisseur of ice cream no matter what flavor?

Visit the Benson Singing Grove on April 30th at 2:00 PM to be a taste-tester for the Butter Pecan Showdown. It's a fun-filled, friendly competition between two local ice cream makers, Selma's Old Fashioned Ice Cream and Benson's Sisters II Ice Cream. Watch the video below and then make plans to come vote on whether Michael or Deborah has the best butter pecan ice cream. 

Can't wait till April 30th for your ice cream fix? There are a lot of places in JoCo to get good ice cream; travel along our Sweet Tooth Trail to find them all. However, if it's true, local, homemade ice cream you're craving there are only 4 places in JoCo to get it. Visit Celtic Creamy in Smithfield, Old Fashioned Ice Cream in Selma, Serving Up Scoops in Pine Level, and Sisters II Ice Cream in Benson. They have all the old classics, plus new and intriguing flavors all the time! Have you ever had cheese and crackers ice cream?

Also, look for ice cream as you travel around too, especially as the weather heats up... cool down with some good JoCo ice cream! Both Sisters II and Old Fashioned have mobile units to take their amazing ice cream on the road to festivals, events, and private functions.

Kid Holding Ice Cream Cone