Farmers will tell you, and there are plenty in Johnston County, that some harvests are better than others. When you live off the land you understand the ebb and flow of circumstances throughout the growing season that mean a plentiful bounty. Mother Nature can be warm and welcoming, but she can also be frosty. The spring of 2017 saw her decidedly on the frosty side, and so we lost some good blueberries to a bad situation.

Both Creekside Farm in Selma, NC and Smith's Nursery in Benson, NC lost part of their blueberry crops to frost this year. Hence, while our annual blog on pick-your-own-blueberries is still arriving just in time for the season, the season promises to be brief this year. Pick-your-own blueberries will be a hot commodity this summer so don't delay in getting out in the field if berry-picking is a family tradition of yours.

Creekside Farms is located at 300 Pine Tree Rd., Selma and you can visit them [while supplies last] for U-pick on weekends from 8AM to 4PM and weekdays from 8AM to 1PM. Feel free to call (919-965-9969) or check their Facebook for updated U-pick information before you visit.

Smith's Nursery is located at 443 Sanders Rd., Benson and you can visit them [while supplies last] for U-pick Monday through Saturday from 8AM to 6PM. If you show up and the blueberries are gone there's still ice cream, a bounce house, and farm animals to feed. You can also call (919-934-1700) ahead or check their Facebook for blueberry information.

If you haven't visited the recipe section of our website, it's been recently updated with a new look. Click here to find all our blueberry recipes.

Happy picking and happy baking!

Blueberry Muffins