Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars How do you say pecan?

Pecan. I know we have all had the discussion on how to say this word. So let's all take a moment to look at and say all the variations of this word (while you're doing this, click the U.S. map I found showing how the different regions pronounce it...who knew some Northern states say it the same way as Johnston County).

"pee-KAHN"    "pick-AHN"   "PEE-can"    "PEE-kahn"

Being born and raised in Johnston County, I use "PEE-can", drawing out the "E" a little more than necessary. But no matter how we differ in our pronunciations, I think we can definitely agree that pecans are delicious. They add just the right amount of crunch or provide that finishing flavor that many dishes use. With Fall's arrival, I have seen (and felt) the ones in the yard that have fallen off the tree. With the holidays coming up quickly I have also noticed them in the front of grocery stores and farmers markets all over.

Pecan pie Southern Pecan Pie

If you are looking for a local business in Johnston County to find pecans, check out Tart's Pecan Farm in Benson, NC. If you can't make it out to Benson, take a look at a local farmers market such as the Clayton Farm and Community Market in Clayton, NC.

To celebrate pecan season arriving, here is the recipe for a Southern classic-- Pecan Pie! This a great dish for any get together or reunion. Oh...and don't expect to have leftovers.

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Hope you enjoy them!